Were you ever the subject of a Circuit Overseers Special Talk?

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  • prophecor

    Did they ever single you out and have a talk especially in your honour?

    A talk that was specifically in mind of you?

    Did you stand and face the music, or did you cover yourself in shame?

  • WHO

    Funny you should ask! I, along with a few friends here in Raleigh, caused not only a special talk but a full-scale witch-hunt conducted by a lying sob Circuit Overlord named Lawrence A. Walker. This was back in the early ninties. HQ got involved in the local inquisition and several heads rolled. Elders were deleted and later DF'd while others were exposed as liars because they were cowardly girly-men, and a grand old time was had by of us. I wouldn't take anything for those memories.

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles

    Fortunately, (or unfortunately), I can't say I've had the honour of "starring" at the CO's parade meeting.

  • OnTheWayOut
    Circuit Overlord named Lawrence A. Walker

    Did anyone play up that he was the L.A.W. of the land?

  • prophecor

    There was one CO. Talk was that he was an ex professional football player. He came and gave a talk in my Hall, shortly before I vanished from the truth. It was very disturbing as I was brand new, and not yet up to speed on JW culture as well as how, and how not to conduct yourself in the truth with brothers and sisters that you may've had problems with. I think it was the catalyst to me finding my way out of the truth. Though I'm sorry it took years to acquire the secret information here, as I was one who had lost all hope in anything ever going right in my life outside of the truth.

  • moshe

    No, I don't think so. They wouldn't want to remind the publishers how Moshe kicked their butt and shut down the door to door work in the neighborhood with his tracts/flyers entitled, "They wanted to destroy my family!" I named the elders involved, too. I imagine that almost 20 years later I have been filed into the same category as 1975- never happened, never saw or heard anything.

  • ferret

    It was not his special talk but at my father's funeral talk by the C.O. I was centered out as being the prodigal son, it really pi$$ed me off along with many of my non JW family and friends.

  • wozadummy

    No but I was the subject of a D.O 's talk in part,as he changed the original script to fit it in.

    It happened this way..........I was a MS and an Elder and his wife took exception to my thinking on my children going on schoolcamps.

    Their children were about the same age as mine ,and went to the same school and were in the same classes. Well this was after the School brochure came out and as usual there were the self righteous ones waving it about ,including this Elder and his wife.

    The subject of schoolcamps was brought up in the Elders and MS meetings amongst other things ,and this Elder was trying to lobby support against me in the meetings as I had expressed disagreement with him and his wife over this matter .

    I had pointed out to him that the schoolcamps that were depicted in the brochure were typically American holiday type camps for extended periods of time ,whereas here in Australia the camps the children had here were actually study/camping adventures of perhaps just a weekend. Kids were encouraged to study the ecology or whatever the theme was and parents were invited to go along and assist the teachers. My first wife and I would take turns in going on these camps and really saw the value of this kind of education.

    The teachers were confused though as to why some of the JW parents would let their kids go and even assist,and yet the majority (with fear of the Elder body) would not let their kids go.

    Therein lies the motive for what happened next.....the Circiut Assembly came and while I was attending the cappacinno machine after lunch the DO was giving a talk ,the Elder above came rushing across the lunch room floor and attacked me verbally " see I told you you're wrong,you can't let your children go on school camps!" ,and said this extremely loud and in anger in front of brothers and sisters finishing up cleaning after lunch .

    Now I had been listening on the speakers to the DO and he had just changed in mid-talk the theme of it and proceeded to condemn certain brothers who were in our area letting their children go on camps and how this is from Satan! Well when confronted by the Elder ranting I just calmly expressed the same view I had given him before ,well this made him even madder and he then proceedeed to admit that he was freindly with the DO Franz Hoobler and had told him about me just before the session started.

    What a nasty bit of business him and his wife are ,but I guess I can thank them ,for this was one of the events that led me eventually to question firstly the JW people and how they think ,but mostly the Governing Body that feebly watches as people take their rules and twist them to suit themselves and try to hurt others who are supposed to be their spiritual brothers and sisters.

  • changeling

    Their pettyness is sickening!


  • mrsjones5

    Ya know I was raised in the bOrg and I guess I wasn't paying attention when a special needs talk happened. I didn't know they existed or the reason for them until I came here.

    Either I'm strange or I put up a really good wall the miss all that crap.

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