Were you ever the subject of a Circuit Overseers Special Talk?

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  • Paralipomenon


    He gave the talk to the whole circuit.

    When he got to my hall I sat at the very front in the center of the row so he couldn't avoid my glare. He gave a watered down version of the talk.

    Last I heard, he was counseled by Bethel for it and shipped to a different circuit.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    New a brother who dressed as Elvis and sang a couple songs, got removed from being a M/Servant. Many Elders meetings and discussions followed.

  • WHO

    Did anyone play up that he was the L.A.W. of the land?

    I certainly did. I directly accused him of running roughshod over two bodies of "elders" and intimidating one of those "elders" into actually lying to protect the CO: Lawrence A. Walker from a sin he had committed against me by making unfounded false statements about me. Kenneth Nicolson was that "elder" who reported the CO's lie to me and who later lied about it himself when he faced the man I accused: the L.A.W.

    As a matter of record, Kenneth later apologized to me for defending the CO's lie when he (Ken) testified before this, the Watchtower's August Judiciary. To my knowledge Ken never actually made things right by admitting his sin also to those 'elders" who had put me on trial in the first place. It doesn't matter though; I was already engineering my exit from that mother-of-all-cults when this opportunity arose.

  • minimus

    The CO who was known for his removal of presiding overeers, came to stir up some trouble and gleefully spoke of how many POs he removed. Just before the ax fell on me, I left.

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