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  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    What does your attorney say about the arraingement? How you handle things now will influence the judge as to how to split up your assets, and your children.

    I would be more concerned that he hasn't worked full time in six months. With that history, you may end up having to pay spousal support. Check with your attorney.

    And BTW, like the above posters, I married and divorced the wrong man too. No child support, no spousal support. And when I went to sell our house, there were over thirty thouseand dollars in liens against it that I did not know about, liens that he caused. His 50% share of the profit did not even cover that 30 grand.

    But that's why divorces are so expensive............................................ because there worth it!

  • sammielee24
    know many, many women, including my mother and sister (who was married for 5 years and has no children), who walked away w/ a shitload of alimony and a fully paid mortgage. My mother's husband (a JW elder) pays his ex-wife's mortgage while she sits at home on her fat, lazy ass. I also have several divorced male friends who

    I have seen this carried out but much more in the JW community. Much of it is due to many JW wives not working so that they can pioneer, as well as the strong belief in never divorcing and/or the tremendous pressure and guilt put on the divorced man to continue to provide. I know of many JW men who are sole providers and when it comes to divorce, most states do have provisions that ensure the wives recieve spousal support.

    Outside the JW community however, I know of few men that continued to pay the mortgages or spousal support for any great length of time. Child support yes - but not spousal support. I do know of two men in that position, however, they are extremely wealthy men who have fought tooth and nail to avoid any payments in any form (even child support) to their ex-wives and during this time they have both remarried and had other kids. This is not to say that there are women who are equally as difficult as men in all these circumstances. I know of women in my family who have supported the ex husband and paid all the bills including the mortgages - it happens and if they had to do it again - they'd play hard ball instead of pitching soft. sammieswife.

  • Stealth453

    I'm betting "company" means the new Penthouse and a jar of tube-lube.

    I would just ignore it. Sounds like a dig to me.

  • sweetface2233

    I can see your point. Although every situation is different, it all depends on how well the attorney states the case and the courts decision. I don't have any JW friends, just I know there are non-JWs that have to pay a mortgage for a home that is not theirs.

  • Hortensia

    I saw this very situation on COPS recently - when the soon-to-be-ex-wife went back to her former house for papers, when she couldn't get in with her key she climbed through a window, since she was still part owner. The cops told her it didn't matter that she was part-owner, she wasn't a resident there and had to have permission from the resident to enter. In the end, when she didn't get the point, they arrested her for breaking and entering her own house. So, better sell it asap, and get away from supporting this guy.

  • Twitch

    Were I in your shoes with an ex living in the house we own together, I wouldn't have a problem calling first. As said, it is someone's home I don't live in and it only seems polite to do so as such. I would appreciate an ex extending the same respect to me, therefore,....

    As for if it were a dig, I wouldn't care. It's over by that point and words are cheap. Have a nice life, etc.

    Just my opinion

  • Highlander
    Am I being unreasonable?


    Just pretend you are now a landlord. And when the house sells you will get your percentage of the profits based on whatever terms you have worked out. A landlord in most areas needs to give notice prior to entering their property. It's really not that big of a deal. As long as you get the money you are entitled to then I personally think you shouldn't worry about it.

  • Highlander
    Outside the JW community however, I know of few men that continued to pay the mortgages or spousal support for any great length of time. Child support yes - but not spousal support.

    That merely depends on the state that you get divorced in. In many states, if you divorce after ten years then the primary income earner has to pay out allimony to their ex until he/she dies.

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