who have you murdered? my life is over again

by coaster 31 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • nowisee

    hey coaster, i can totally relate to the sheer palpable frustration you are feeling as i and members of my family have experienced the same, and even though it is now some 30 years or so later i can still conjure up the anger, and incredulity we felt at the total dishonesty, lack of responsibility and concern from the wts. reconcile yourself to the fact that the wts cannot -- will not -- help you. let it go. you must move on. look elsewhere for the answers and adjust to the possibility that there will be none in black and white. you will move on and you will get through this...as so many others have. i have spent some time in your area. walk the beach. collect some shells. look for the dolphins out in the water. live the moment and feel better. know that there are people here who share what you are feeling and care about you. best wishes, nowisee

  • penny2

    Coaster, your life aint over, it's just beginning. You've been in a bad place, that's all.

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