who have you murdered? my life is over again

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  • coaster

    is it wrong to even think about it? either of us will be much better off with the other gone. how can a religion take over and have so much control. I know truth, but only when is walks up and sticks a finger deep into my eye socket. this is my second marraige and I never thought I would have to make a concious decision as to how it should end. ireally can not keep living this way, and 4th generation zombie has awakened with no friends at all after 46 years. I am at my beach cottage, paid for, this should be a happy place, but it is lonely. my son whom i used to love is at fucking bethel and is hgih on kool-aid and he does not even know his live is over, and my wife trying to find me another doctor, this time to stop my obsessive thoughts.....all the society had to do was answer my damn questions, but no.....spit spit spit, take that face, we will not akowlege you, you are unworthy, you are worthles, satan has obvioulsy possesed you because you want to ask a real question, and expect an answer


  • IP_SEC

    (((coaster))) man. sorry

  • BlackPearl

    C'mon Coaster, it isn't all bad. Take a deep breath and LOOK at your options, I'll bet you've got plenty, just look for them. Write them down if you have to and find what's good in your life, I'll bet there's something there.


  • free2think


  • BlackPearl

    Oh, by the way, I'm in the mortgage industry. Wanna talk about murdered?


  • RAF


    take care ...

  • wednesday


    Asking questions is normal. Don't beat yourself up for asking questions. However, you won't get any answers from them . I know we say this all the time, but they are a CULT. it may be hard for you to process this given that you are surrounded by them.

    I'd not waste time asking any questions. Find a therapist and start talking. it's not too late. It just feels this way b/c your are surrounded and have no one to talk to. I would suggest you find a therapist who can help you work your way through this.

  • nvrgnbk

    You're alright, coaster.

    It's gonna get better, I swear.

    Hang on, brother.

    You have a pm.

  • BizzyBee

    Do you have a cat that you could kick? It seems to help Gumby.

    Sorry things are looking dark for you right now, Coaster.

  • DJK
    I am at my beach cottage

    Oceanfront? Imagine yourself a year from now cozied up in a love seat with someone watching the waves break and listening to the gulls as they fly overhead. If the thought of today should cross your mind, you say to yourself "What was I thinking about?"

    That just might be the future you have if you dont do anything rash. Talk to someone, write or meditate. Anything to get you through this period.

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