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  • steve2

    The judgmental glee with which some individuals jump on anything in a shock/horror mentality without first putting their brain into gear is a perfect illustration of emotion over-ruling the ability to reason.

    If it turns out that you're correct in your wide-mouthed claims, fantastic: You've spotted another sign the organization is desperate to be seen to be a 'fun, fun, fun' group to attract the naive and gullible viewers. If it turns out you are jumping to wildly wrong conclusions,, you do risk coming across as a tad unhinged.

    Put the glasses of drink down my dears and bother to do some basic research.Or better yet, do it in the morning after a good night's rest - oh, and before turning on the camera, please wipe the sleep out of your weary eyes. Thanks guys.

  • joe134cd
    I have a friend who is a native of Thailand although she now no longer lives there. I asked her about the clip. She tended to think it would of aired on one of those pay tv channels. Other than that, that's all she could tell me.
  • Sparx

    When you visit the google playstore you get more information about the show.



    Game Show Social - Show your Avatar, Hunt the Points !!

    First and the Only one Game Show in Thailand that allows people to participate as if you are in the Show from smartphone or tablet, NOT just watching TV any more!
    Download application and let's enjoy together with us.

    Monday - Friday on Thairath TV HD Channel 32 between 18.45 - 19.15.

    The whole programme is only available in Thai language. Supports may not be available in English and totally not available in other languages.


    SPARX Thanks for that.

    Okay so I have done a bit of research and found out more info.

    These are links to business/investment websites.



    Some quotes of interest from the articles:

    Triple V Broadcast is the operator of Thairath TV which broadcasts variety programmes in high definition.

    One of the TV shows it produces and broadcasts is Game Show Social.

    With five key founding sponsors - Bangkok Bank, Advance Info Service, Isuzu, Unilever and Tesco Lotus - and other main sponsors, the company expects that it will hit its revenue target of Bt500 million for this year.

    Moreover, in the year 2015, Thairath TV also plan to launch the project Connected TV in the first quarter to follow the first year that we make Game Show Social, the tv program which allows viewers to join the game through the 2ndScreen including mobile phones, tablets, or computer screens with the total of 60,000 downloads with the number of participants growing at 60% per day comparing to the first day. There will also be the launch of the channel’s Application to serve viewers’ second screen behavior in the first quarter of next year.

    Thairath TV is planning to invest Bt1.6 billion mainly on contents next year in a bid to achieve its revenue target of Bt1.5 billion, which was recently revised from the original goal of Bt1.2 billion. About Bt1.2 billion will go for contents and related production costs including broadcasting rights for foreign TV shows.

    Okay I checked the currency exchange rate and it is roughly 3.5 Thai Bt to 1 U.S Dollar so if you divide 1.2 Billion Thai Bt - by 3.5 you can do the math and work out the dollar value of their next year investment is massive (my math is crap) but its roughly over $400,000,000 so they are not a small company and I believe that JW.org are investing in this - the company is so big that they would not allow some stupid idiot to just put JW.ORG on their tv show.

    Somethings smells here and its not me,lol.

    No way.


    Im going to continue to research this.

  • joe134cd
    It might be HQ involvement. With those sorts of figures it would have to be.
  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Kim of Kim Mikey called Bethel about it.

    My Call to HQ & Legal Dept. -JW.org Sponsoring Ga…: http://youtu.be/LvHjmScEkS8

  • sir82


    Yeah i just looked over at JW talk and this is one comment from one member of below.


    "That was one of the points I was trying to make, but I didn't do a good job at it. Anyone with computer skills can lift the logo and place it in that spot.

    • An apostate could have faked the entire thing just to rile people up online.
    • The people who made the video could have just grabbed logos and put them in at the beginning giving no thought to sponsorship or selling ad space.
    • Someone could have purchased that spot and put the logo in without permission from the Branch.

    We know the Society would never have done this. That's all we really need concern ourselves with "

    WHAT CAN I SAY....

  • steve2

    So, a dash of internet-"research" and lots of over-heated speculation on the part of ex-Witnesses and emerging denials from JW-friendly sites, and no evidence.

    Still, it looks like things are progressing.

    Well done those of you following through on this. Tut-tutting is the easy part, getting to the bottom of this, the hard part.

  • respectful_observer
    "That was one of the points I was trying to make, but I didn't do a good job at it. Anyone with computer skills can lift the logo and place it in that spot.
    • An apostate could have faked the entire thing just to rile people up online.

    Haha...those people on JWtalk are beyond paranoid. They see apostates hiding behind every news story, clip, meme, picture, etc., that even slightly mocks the WT.

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