JW.ORG advertising on game/app review program.

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  • Finkelstein

    Mike and Kim are pressed to demean the WTS/JWS on whatever premise that arises.

    From out of that endeavor, they tend to jump to conclusions on sensationalized speculation .


    mike and kim are talking as if they know about sponsor deals etc etc... but they dont know shit about it.....insidetheKH

    A "Complete Idiot" can see JW.ORG is Sponsoring a Game Show..


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  • NewYork44M
    Wow. I don't know whether to scream or eat a banana.
  • StarTrekAngel
    Sorry if I missed something. Did anyone actually got this from the few english words that came out on the video? I mean, it it not hard to think that the only reason such logo would display there is for sponsorship purposes (WT does not make games, yet) but I think a translation of what they are saying is due here. It would add to the context.
  • steve2

    Well it brings home the organization markets a consumer product, just like dishwashers and cereal - only the likelihood of indigestion is greater.

  • Finkelstein

    It looks like I was right, it's just a JWS trying to use the JW.org symbol to promote his social game toward other JWS.

    He is based in Thailand.

    Its more of an App. that you download and interact in a question and answer game.

    Its free to download , so anyone know how to speak Thai and want to play with other Thai JWS ?

    ©Copyright 2014 Show No Limit Co., Ltd. In Assosiation with Triple V Boardcasting Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
    GameShowSocial™ is a registered trademark of Show No Limit Company. Systems and Application are developed by Click Connect Company Thailand under the intellectual properties (Creative and Concept Design) of Pongsuk Hiranprueck


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  • Finkelstein

    This marketing of JWorg. has gone to areas that once being a JWs myself would never expect.

    To shirt ties and sneakers, to pens and buttons , there are some JWS cashing in nevertheless.

    Funny as it is, there always seems to be some kind of multi-level marketing going on within the JWS.

  • ron rawson
    ron rawson
    I just went to the link and its.....GONE......geeeez, I wonder who ordered it gone??? This is one of those things that is so freakish that I find it actually is hard to believe. However, until it's proven otherwise, I'm believing it is true.
  • joe134cd
    Please tell me what I've just seen isn't true. OMG I've just been hit by a train.

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