JW.ORG advertising on game/app review program.

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  • Finkelstein

    Oh its real alright but its not being done by JW heads or backed.

    Or who knows maybe he asked if he could do that from the Thai branch and they said OK ????

    Its done by a single guy who most likely is a JWS himself.

    The way he placed the JWorg logo on the advertisement lends the believability that the WTS. is financially sponsoring this though.

    The App is.down loadable for free at the ITunes App. store.

    Maybe he got wind from some JW head that he shouldn't do that ????

  • Oubliette

    It's pretty bizarre about the JW.ORG logo on the tv show, but nothing surprises me about this religion anymore.

    The religion I joined in the '80s no longer exists.

    That being said, people shouldn't make videos for online, public consumption after they've been drinking!

  • joe134cd
    What I can't understand is why a guy would want to make an app in the thai language for a religion that is relatively unknown in Thailand. Why not make it in English or spanish the 2 languages that JWs speak.
  • steve2

    So has anyone making these confident assertions actually investigated to find out whether the organization is an official sponsor and that it's not the work of a zealous individual with links to the program?

    BTW, Mike and Kim seem like a nice couple, but the clip is easily 95% expressions of "Oh My God"'s and shaking of heads in repetitive tut-tutting judgmentalism, poorly articulated, and a slender 5% comprehensible commentary.

    The glasses of alcohol seem more than props - perhaps in the interests of delivering effective messages, they need to brush up on their presentation and downplay the drinking references - unless they are contented preaching to the converted. The topic deserves better.

  • objavitelj


  • snare&racket
    And so the new financial PR model is unveiled...... Scientology 2.0
  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Isn't it just a paid TV advertisement their product: jworg?

    (Sponsor/ purchased time for that particular TV spot.)

    For the last few nights, Ive seen scientology dot org commercials for their business.

  • Finkelstein
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  • cappytan
    All videos are still up for me. Not sure why some are saying it's gone.
  • Finkelstein

    I get the impression that the YouTube advertisement is for the App, itself which one can downloaded for free to smart phones , not necessarily a TV game show.

    The App in free to download, so there is no money profit making there ???

    I still think its a situation of the App designer who might be a JWS using the JWorg. logo to attract other JWS to the App.

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