Public Reproof will be made as scheduled.

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  • badwillie

    I appreciate those sentiments. Someone here posted that I have 7 years in which I could pursue legal action. One thing to note here:
    The elders took action not for us merely LOOKING at the information. But for us SHARING it with others, and also trying to interpret what it all meant. Don't forget, my sharing the UN thing with my friend spawned a 2 hour conversation where we covered everything from Beth-Sarim to Ray Franz and beyond. This was a 2 way discussion however. The elders are aware of EVERYTHING that was discussed. When they interviewed my friend about it, he did make it clear to them that it was not my intention to try to persuade or convert him to my way of thinking in any way.

  • JT

    Bad Wille

    You have received a ton of advice from:

    Making a scene at the hall to - hiring lawyers, taking the newpaper guys, writing all the jw in your Hall and the list goes on and on

    my only concern is Have are you and your wife prepared for what may follow- In the last few years i have seen so many persons in thier desire to "Make a Statement or Point" are not prepared for the well prepared mindset of JW

    for the last 10,20, 30, yrs the jw in your hall have been prepared by the Society as to how to respond, treat and deal with anyone who recieves the label DF, DA or as in your case Public reproval

    the avg jw like yourself has spent a few months reading things on the net- coming to realize that we have been Hoodwinked and Bamboozled, but has spent no time preparing for what he or she will have to deal with

    I would never tell anyone not to DA or write letters, make phone calls, etc- for each one must decide that for themselves

    but i would say this make that you and your wife are prepared for what can come

    many have stated that the elders have NO BASIS for the actions that they are taking- well when i read a post that says that it tell me just how little many really understand the workings of the org

    If the elders FEEL that you are a THREAT TO THE HEALTH AND WELFARE of the congo that is all that is needed

    if anyone read Ray Franz book and nows some of the inner working of the Service desk and legal dept-- they really don't have to explain a thing to you -

    they have their own system of justice and they can and do change the rules as need be- that is why is it always a lose lose situtation

    A Good Society man elder has only one concern thru his intense indoctrination PROTECT THE ORG AT ALL COST

    That is why so many folks have come here and stated that manytimes

    2 of the 3 elders will agree completly with them and then turn around and the Double Think Double Speak kicks in and they will say BUT WE STILL GOT TO DEAL WITH YOU- smile

    since you will be read off as Reproved you and the wife need to do some very serious thinking before you make your next move

    the reason is simple - What ever you do you can't reverse

    so many folks come here stating they WISH they had waited and thought out how they wanted to present some info or talk to someone instead of just mailing them a 30 page packet of WT Flip Flops-

    my point is simple Do as you please, just make sure you have prepared yourself and your wife-

    wish you well on your journey to freedom

  • jst2laws

    Badwillie and wife,

    This WT/UN scandal has been an amusing embarrassment for the GB but its changing colors. I am angry to read your story, enough to make another of my infrequent posts.

    Willie, it is not the visit to the UN site that is the problem but as you know it is the entire picture of what they call apostasy. The passing on of the UN thing as well as the 2 hour conversation from Beth-Sarim to Ray Franz and beyond is all they need. The society would probably back the local boys on that. If you want to, you can probably stop this process by threatening. But as Seeker said, “if you want to avoid further problems and not be disfellowshipped because of family ties, but just quietly slip away, then leave it and quietly slip away”.

    I cant believe just 6 months ago I fought with the elder body and the CO who wanted me removed as an elder only to win what I didn’t really want. I wanted justice and got it, but was still stuck as an official member of a system I couldn’t conscientiously support.

    So I agree with your decision to not fight. I like JT's thoughts. Go with your feelings. But right now I’m angry. I’m inclined to tell every witness I know about the UN thing. I did that just last night with several families by relating your story. They were shocked and angry. Your injustice has at least motivated my wife and I to speak up more. We will be careful not to “interpret” or make any prosecutable statements, but I’m going to keep pushing on this until the “boys” are compelled to talk to me.

    Meanwhile, Willie, when the announcement is made tonight stand up tall and proud. You did nothing wrong, but instead did the right thing. If the announcement is made, then accept it as a public declaration of your integrity and dedication to truth. Tonight you are honored by all who really know the truth.


  • SixofNine
    Tonight you are honored by all who really know the truth.


    I hope you and your wife can view it that way. It is the most painful of experiences to be brutalized by people who are not as good as you, yet wielding authority because of their supposedly being "better" than you (or at least supposedly having that authority from god - what a joke they make of god!)

  • FormerOne

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife today. I can imagine this day is seeming to be one of the longest of your lives right about now.

    In reading the above posts, I have to focus on JT's words. He makes some VERY good points. There is a lot of emotion involved in this situation and you must be careful not to let the emotional issues cloud the logical issues.

    One of the most powerful ex-JW stories I remember reading was that of an elder who finally "saw the light", but took a very long time to actually leave the organization because he wanted to save not just himself but his family as well. By laying low and planting small seeds of 'truth' in the minds of his family, he was able to leave the organization with, I believe, his wife and children. What a blessing for all of them!

    So, it makes me wonder...A public reproof will not restrict others in the congregation from speaking with you/associating with you. In fact, many will try to give you encouragement in the days and weeks ahead. Rather than making a grand exit tonight, letting people know it's your last, might it be a wise choice to hold your head high, act as if this is 'Jehovah's will', and then use any opportunities you can to discuss the situation with others in the congregation?

    Perhaps if you air your concerns about WHY the elders chose this course, some will have their eyes opened to the true nature of the organization.

    I know you've got lots of different opinions being thrown at you right now. I'm sure if you and your wife consider all things carefully and pray to God for direction, you'll be happy with your decision. Just remember, it's YOUR future that's at stake, nobody else's. As long as YOU are happy with your course of action, it doesn't matter what others think.

    Just remember, there are many here who will be with you in spirit tonight!

  • Seeker4


    Don't know if your comment above was to me or "the original Seeker," but I wanted to also say you should consider JT's comments very carefully. I may not always agree with his spelling, but almost always totally agree with what he says!

    And remember, if you do take a stand, you will probably have very, very little influence on changing anyone's mind in your congregation. We all have seen how easy it is to block out what you don't want to hear. Most will likely just see it as "proof" that you've become just another proud, selfish, bitter apostate. The best thing may be to simply leave quietly and with dignity.

    And James - great and insightful post, as always.

  • Dan B
    Dan B

    Hi Badwillie,

    I was publicly reproved before. It's a little embarrassing, but not that big a deal. In fact, I was going to bolt for the door as soon as the meeting was over, but people stopped me, and actually congratulated me! I guess they were congratulating me for being repentant????? It was so bizarre, nothing like I expected. The funny part was,it all boiled down to shaving off my beard. Nevermind the drinking, gambling and hanky-panky that went on! It was all about my beard. Keep it-get DF'd, shave it- public reproof.
    For the sake of my parents, I shaved it. About 3 months later, I grew it back. There was nothing those morons could do. It was about that time I left for good.


  • MrMoe

    You got reproof for a beard? Odd. The hall that I used to go to had a guy running the mikes and he had a beard. The elders let it slide - but they did council him on it. He finally shaved it off because he got sick of the comments.

    Anyhow - it's my guess you got reproved for the "attitude" you gave when you were counciled on the matter. Am I right?

  • LDH



  • JT

    Former one:


    One of the most powerful ex-JW stories I remember reading was that of an elder who finally "saw the light", but took a very long time to actually leave the organization because he wanted to save not just himself but his family as well. By laying low and planting small seeds of 'truth' in the minds of his family, he was able to leave the organization with, I believe, his wife and children. What a blessing for all of them!


    i recall that exp as well and it was good- he realized that the knee jerk reaction of your typical jw: be it child , wife , mom is to SHUT DOWN

    so he planned it out and took his time and in the end got alot of his family out and that is really the way to do it

    when you consider that one donesn't become a jw in 2 weeks IT IS THE HIGHT OF FOOLISHNESS to even think that you can get a jw after a few xerox copies to leave

    his story i think is on randy's site


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