Public Reproof will be made as scheduled.

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  • badwillie

    We plan on sticking around at least for 1 meeting a week for now.
    We don't think an attempt to "expose" anything would be worth the risk.
    I have 6 close relatives still in the org, my wife has 3 close relatives still in. So to get DF'd is NOT an option. I think what people are forgetting sometimes is that we still love these people. That's why this is so frustrating. Of course I would love for everyone to know that we are right and that we aren't guilty of gross sin. But as you say, they wouldn't believe anything we say anyway.
    - BadWillie

  • wheelwithinwheel

    You might want to tape the reproof - if for nothing else you guys might get a good laugh about it in years to come.

    If you do threaten to bring a lawyer or journalist it will only delay the inevitable ... unless the legal dept. decides otherwise, they’ll just proceed another time without prior warning.

    As others have said, if you have family interests it might be wiser to fade (it sounds like they could df you). Most will probably be too discreet to ask what happened, but be assured, it will be thoroughly discussed behind your backs. Therefore it might be interesting if you could quietly let it be known « it’s only because you were upset about the UN thing »

    We're with you

  • joelbear

    This kind of situation shows so clearly what the real reason for disfellowshipping is. Its control, not any desire to help anyone.


  • JT

    Seeker4 says:

    "I may not always agree with his spelling"

    See you "Ain't"no good- smile

    thanks for the comment - this is a good thread and it is so good to see the clear advice that is being given

    in a few years leaving WT INTACT will become much easier than in years past.

    And it will be the result of so many who have "BEEN THERE DONE THAT"

    telling others what to do and avoid.

    I just love this NET "THANG"


  • Dan B
    Dan B


    It wasn't reproof for having the beard. And it wasn't attitude that was the issue. It was all about control. The absurdity of the whole situation was that I had been busted for going to a Casino with a single sister, and then going back to her place and doing the nasty. The fornication was completely minimized once they knew that it was not public knowledge. She was super hot, so I think they were kind of sympathetic. I'm sure they all would have done the same thing as me if they had been in my shoes. LOL The Casino was a big deal, they read some long boring article on greed. But it was the beard that consumed the majority of the time spent in front of the JC. The choice was clear: shave it off and I would not be DF'd, just reproved. Keep it, and I was history. They arranged another meeting a week later to see if I "obeyed".

    This is why I say it was about control.


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