It sure is hard being your lord

by Jehovah_God 46 Replies latest jw friends

  • Simon

    no Britney?

    um... is there anyone else up there [8>]

    How about you Satan... can you help me out ?

  • Jehovah_God

    Yeah that guy Satan isn't all that bad..I guess I kinda demonized him if you will, cus well yunno he pissed me off. He hasn't ever killed anyone unles I allowed him too..I sorta have slayed and smitten way more than satan ever has. But I'm god damnit I can do what I please, including zooming over to Michelle Branch's dressing room..hmmmm...

  • Ranchette

    Hey God,

    You ought to go visit Thomos Pools thread.
    That guy is obsessed with demons.He needs help.
    While your at it Vktoria needs some streightening out too.
    She's a drunkn JW with an attitude!
    Have fun.


  • toddy

    I take it you couldn't get into Either!!

    "Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day. Give him a religion, and he'll starve to death while praying for a fish".

  • jterfehr


    Yo! Jah, Whats up man. I havn't seen you since we were catching waves down in Mexico last summer, listenen to Bob Marley. Where you been. I gotta tell ya, that weed we shared on the beach...that was the shit dude! I havn't been that high in my whole life. Could you tell me your connection. Be in North Shore this winter, come on down, we'll duke it out on the big waves.

    PS Let these folks on earth know that weed is OK, after all, you put it here!! They just don't get it.

  • Jehovah_God


    I think its silly for puny humans to tell other puny humans not to smoke good weed cuz then they might die a little earlier in like, 50 years. But since I don't bother to help you little people out you could be a vegeterian with a perfect muscl/fat ratio who will live to be 110 and still be killed tommorow by an errant blimp. Since I leave life so unpridictable you might as well enjoy a good toke.

    jterfehr, truly I tell you you will be with me in paradise with lots of munchies and water and bongs made out of galaxy clusters


    Are you aware there is a group of asshole`s going from door to door,threatining the lives of decent people,in your name!!!

  • Jehovah_God

    I think it's cute when they pretend they are like me. Let THEM try to smite the entire human race under one thumb. God- accept no imatations!

  • Princess

    Since someone already brought up the World Series, those of us here in Seattle (where it is raining hard, thank you...not) would really love to see the Mariners win it. They have worked so hard this year and they seem to be really nice guys. Please? Isn't it their turn?


  • Satanus


    Britney? No problem. I been controling her for a few years now. All i want in return, is to rent your body for an hour a week (when you are with her of course).


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