My 17 year old daughter has so many problems

by Jez 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • Jez

    I can't believe it. She wants money. But every email that she sends me tells me to f off. I just asked her how I will know that the money will go towards rent and not drugs and she said," ......because I already have money for that you asshole, it is for f&*$ing RENT."

    I can't believe she is so ignorant and WHY? I don't think I have any other choice, but tell her that her priorities are hers to set and she DOES have money for rent, she chooses not to use for that purpose.

    I don't think I will ever get my daughter back again. I don't want to cry anymore because they are wasted tears. She doesn't care and somehow, doesn't love me anymore.

    My girl, that use to talk to me for hours, cuddle me in bed, go everywhere with, tell me she loves me all the time. How do you get over something like her?

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