What Is Your View Toward Religions & "Religious" People?

by minimus 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Based on the definition, I guess I'm not "religious".

  • LtCmd.Lore

    How do I view them?

    With pity... Like a toddler flushing his toys as a sacrifice to his invisible friend.

  • Hobo

    Religions? bad

    Religious people? as long as they're not pushy, they're ok- the self-righteous ones can GTH.

  • Smiles_Smiles

    I feel ...

    Religion is a security blanket that some people never need, others grow out of and still others will die holding on to it for dear life.

    Religious People ... I feel "live and let live". And as long as your living doesn't harm me and ones in my 'heart care' then I could care less what you believe. But also don't have the expection of me changing to fit your beliefs.

    They are JUST beliefs. They are like a$$holes. We all have them but mine should not effect/harm you.


  • Finally-Free

    I work for a political party, and have had some interesting exchanges with some religious family members. They seem to think that their bible based convictions should be upheld by law. They claim to believe in "freedom of religion" yet cannot understand that others have the same right to "freedom from religion".

    I don't have a problem with religious people as long as they don't try to impose their opinions on others. Everyone has the right to believe or disbelieve without undue influence from anyone.


  • Dagney

    Being raised a JW, I figure I have it in the bank...forever....and ever.

    How do you look at religions now that you are out of a cult?

    I feel like Madonna after her "spiritual journey" and search through many religions. She said finally, "They are all the same."

    Do "religious'' people positively or negatively affect you?

    Now 5 years out of the borg, I have evolved through different feelings on this. I don't feel like they affect me any way. I'm not sure if I'm in denial or what. I seem to be remarkably numb to them. I have almost no feeling even when attending a memorial service for a beloved sister. (Maybe it was the crappy outline talk I had to distance myself from.) But...I was moved when visiting cathedrals in Europe a few months ago.

    What is happening to me?

  • minimus

    I've said it before, "I'm all religioned out".

  • lonelysheep

    Religions are all the same. There's no need for them; humans are conditioned to believe it is necessary while reality shows you otherwise. Religion gets a lot of credit for things when it shouldn't. That allows people to give less credit to themselves then deserved, which only feeds the artificial need for religion! Cirlces.....

    Religious people-to each their own. Really, I don't care. I can be friends with you regardless of your personal beliefs.

    Judgments and preaching to me (after I tell you no, thanks) will get you politely told off, though.

  • Mysterious

    Religion is nauseating.

  • poppers

    Religion fills a need in people: the need to keep fear in one's life. Even if there is a claim of happiness because of religion just below the surface fear is lurking. That fear is a strong rallying point for the conceptual sense of self. Without the particular fear induced by religion the conceptual self has an opportunity separate from other mental constructs that produce other fears and possibly even to dissolve. Without that conceptual self fear has nothing to anchor itself in. In other words, religion helps to sustain an illusory existence.

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