What Is Your View Toward Religions & "Religious" People?

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  • yaddayadda

    I'm super tired of all organised religion.

  • dedpoet
    How do you look at religions now that you are out of a cult?

    As something I no longer need to be part of. I tend to view all
    religions as cults anyway - they are all controlling, or at least
    try to be, to a degree, as they all appear to try and exert some
    influence over the lives of their followers.

    Do "religious'' people positively or negatively affect you?

    It depends on whether or not they try to push their beliefs. If
    someone feels the need to be part of a religion, that's their
    decision. It has no impact on my feelings towards them either
    way unless they try to get me to join. I tend to avoid contact
    with such people

  • Mariusuk.



    A crutch for people who have a fear of the unknown and death

  • jaguarbass

    How's that bumper sticker go? God protect me from your followers.

    I think there is probably some good advice in certain parts of the bible. I don't really know to many people that follow it. I think a lot of religion in the USA preaches a portion of the good message of the bible.

    I work in a jail, and they say God lives in the jail, because many inmates find God in jail. They find God as a result of a religious ministry. But what seems to me is that these people find God which just means they are going to go to heaven after they rob you or beat the shxt out of you or kill you.

    Many of the religious people that I know of personally are flagrant sinners, and it seems more so than non religious people, which is mind boggling and part of the hypocracy.

    I immagine there has to be some good religious people out there. But immagine is the operative word.

    I can think of 2 extremely religious people that I know personally. Both hold themselves out to be Chiristian ministers and have a ministry. Both strike me as very hypocritical, and not very nice. When I think of them, I think of Balams ass, or the scripture that god could make the rocks talk and in their case it seems he has.

    I think 10 years ago, I thought religious people were for the most part good. Now I feel as I stated above.

    So is there no fool like an old fool or does wisdom come with age?

    We all see what we want to see.

  • IP_SEC

    In the words of the great knight: Live and let die.

  • Blueblades

    I think back to what I use to be and the way I use to act when I was a captive of a concept and a slave for 33 years for the Watchtower Society. I understand the concept that other people have with their religion, I was Catholic until that knock on the door, whether its Judaism, Islamic, Christian and the many others. Each has found his / hers to be the defining truth in their own lives. Religion in it's many different forms along with religious people in the many ways they worship is a hand me down depending where on earth you were born, raised and taught. Not-withstanding personal experiences with "IT" whatever it appears to be to you.

    Blueblades, no religion and not religious.

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