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    WBT$ is always sucking for money..Every assembly I`ve ever gone to,had a big push for donations near the end of it....."Brothers we`re in the Red!Can you give just a little more?".....The only ones in the Red at the end of an assembly are the people who can least afford it..The Jehovah`s Witness`s...OUTLAW

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    actualy,the last sunday meeting i went to at the hall,the little hitler mustached elder was quite proud of the fact that 'we as jws,we dont have bread lines,we dont have soup kitchens..look around,we are all ok"..i kid you not...this was almost verbatum.made me ill...

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    Myah, of course there are loving caring brothers and sisters, elders and co's wherever, whatever. But it is a fact that publishers are encouraged to leave their property to the WTS, I have family members that have been approached by elders just for that, and every year there is a soliciting article in the W/T for the same thing. I understand that they would rather have them have it than the government, fare enough but I have found in my own congo certain elder that does graviate toward elderly lonely women with property. I am not paranoid as I am very close to both these sisters.

    And of course venues cost money, but be jezzz we own our curcuit assembly out right, yet for two days we are in thousands of dollars deficit this is every assembly the excuse, electricity, then of course all the maintanence work and gardening, landscaping is done free by brothers, they have brothers staying on the property to care for it free. So you ask me.

    Jehovah allowed the wicked kings to rule in Isreal representing him for awhile till they were removed, the same with the evil priests, the false prophets, in his time they were done away with. When they say wait on Jehovah to us, that is exactly what I'm praying for, needs a good clean up. That's what I believe, and I am not bitter with anyone, I have come out of my cocoon, and started to open my eyes and see things realisticly not idealisticly. Nothing is perfect that's for sure, but WTBTS say that the GB is the only channel Jehovah God uses today to reach the sheep and teach the sheep.

    They had no right in the past to advise and look down on b/s for wanting to further their education, to get a degree for a descent job, now they don't discourage it much, things have changed a bit, but tell that to all the poor b/s before that. They change their doctrine on the generation to age, era, makes a huge difference, they may not have directly said the 1975 end was coming but they sure planted the thought of suggestion and posibility, it was like fire, then when that failed, they beat their brothers with, you ran ahead of the org, and were presumtuous, that's weak.

    Prophecies belong to God not the WTBTS, and they have made some huge mistakes over the years, brothers have been disfellowshiped over not agreeing with certain doctrines the society has said, then only to change in a few years to what the poor brother had complained about, its wrong.

    I believe in Jehovah and yes I wait on him to set things staight, I keep my mouth shut, as we all have the fear of losing our families another fear factor of unloving rules, not all people that disagree with the WTS on certain things are JW bashers and apostates, there are many loving caring b/s that have been treated like dirt by so called loving shepherds, my brother and his wife was a fine example of that, unfairly judged, looked down on by judgemental self righteous bullies, power hungry control freaks, not all are like that but too many are, we are not living in the dark ages though sometimes I wonder if the WTS is.

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