Why Armageddon isn't coming! Definite proof for all lurkers!

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    This is something that most JWs have experienced, especially as children! Remember wondering if you would ever see "Return of the Jedi", "The Last Crusade", "Care Bears 2"?!?!

    Yes, as a child the END was always imminent, looming, around the corner, fast-approaching!! ( my favorite ) Anyway, don't get too worried.


  • ttte36
    haha yeah i remember my parents booking a holiday in August 2001 for the following July after 9/11 they cancelled because it would be been a waste to lose anymore than the deposit.
  • pbrow

    I think that is something that converts dont truly understand. When you are raised as a born in you literally think the end is so.... very.... nearly.... here... any.....day.... was that thunder.... or the start of armagedon?... and you think this almost every day!!

    The anxiety is real for children. Get them out!!

    I was personally worried about not being able to see Back to the Future part 3



    It's crazy, isn't it? When I saw this movie line up, it really struck me. I thought, " This is something that I can show to anyone and say, " We WILL see these movies in our lifetime."

    I'm sure born-ins can understand the thinking behind this thread. What really surprises me, is that JWs live their lives IGNORING countless examples that are similar to the one above.

    Think about the passage of time. How many children have we seen graduate from High School, get married, have children of their own?


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    Lol! That is great.
  • Captain Schmideo2
    Captain Schmideo2

    Unfortunately, thanks to that Primadonna Spider-Man, this schedule is all messed up now.

  • Divergent

    Most common & overly-used JW excuse: "The end is around the corner, but we do not know WHICH corner"

    Gets on my nerves every time I hear it!

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS has been selling Armageddon is soon for over a century and sold a lot of literature as a result.

    Unfortunately its just mythological story telling that was told to create power and relevance to specific God (YHWH) in a ancient civilization.

  • Vidiot

    I was actually relieved that the "International Year of Peace" back in '86 didn't end up triggering the Big A.

    I still hadn't seen Aliens.

    (EDIT: not a joke)

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