Constructive hobbies

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  • zeb

    HM have a hobby? Im not asking what.

    HM have taken up a constructive hobby since leaving?

  • Garrett
    I've taken up Aikido and started playing Go more :)
  • Divergent
    Dating out of "the truth"
  • Ignoranceisbliss
    I need to pick up a hobby. Hopefully something fitness related. Lord knows my body needs it.
  • _Morpheus

    Ive picked up several with my new found time amd energy, although technically im still 'in'...

    i rediscovered a love of flying RC planes and helicopters.

    ive started keeping bees and other insects as a hobbiest.

    i watched a ton of movies that missed out on.. Technically not a "hobby" but i do take my cinema seriously...

    ive read a few novels

    ive taken two classes to classes to begin learning and expanding my skill set professionally

    ive trained for and ran my first 5k.

    Thats a pretty darn good list for me :)

  • WTWizard

    I have gotten quite a collection of music, of vintages from the late 1960s through when "Clear(??)" Channel ruined all the radio stations (and, hence, the music). This includes music that was out during the late 1980s and early 1990s, along with music going through the 1970s.

    And a nice collection of Pokemon games, especially from Generation 3 and up. (Generation 2 depends on batteries that die in 6 years to save the game, and I never got Generation 1.) This means I got two of the Nintendo DS systems and two of the 3DS systems, so I could swap between the two different games in each set. Yes, that is a pretty hefty investment in money (and silver), but the games will be enjoyable long after the dollar dies and other forms of entertainment are gone and Internet II is reality. I also have a decent size collection of videos downloaded from YouTube, including Pokemon walk throughs, and various other items (including Christmas videos and videos that include swearing).

    Not to mention, collection of flashlights, batteries, chargers, LED light bulbs, and a resurgence of interest in collecting coins (this time, silver coins). I decided that, since it could one day be a matter of survival or that electricity could be rationed, I might as well enjoy it. My favorite flashlight is the Fenix LD22 and its little sister the LD12. I like the Fenix HP20 headlamp and its cousins--the HP01 is perfect for around the house, and the HP20 and 25 are excellent for those emergencies where the lights go out and the generator goes dead at work. Of course, in addition to this, I have collected a variety of silver products. The rounds in one ounce size, bars (5 ounces), a few Eagles, a few Canadian Maple Leafs, a few Australia coins, and numerous rolls of silver dimes, quarters, and half dollars. The rolls are the Roosevelt dimes, Washington quarters, and Franklin halves (along with some impaired proof quarters), as I have yet to get rolls of Barber or Mercury dimes, Barber or Standing Liberty quarters, or Standing Liberty halves.

    Now, as to where these items are kept, that is going to have to be for Brother Hounder to wish it knew. The jokehovian witlesses have no right to know what, or how much, I have or where to look for it. They would only decide I don't "need" those silver dimes as much as the congregation (Worldwide Damnation Fund) does. Not to mention, they would confiscate flashlights, LED light bulbs, and batteries and either redistribute or toss them. And my Pokemon games, game systems, and videos would end up in the rubbish along with my music. Hence, they are not going to know.

    Finally, I now have a nice collection of Christmas decorations. Most are shatterproof. I have LED Christmas lights hanging everywhere, and loads of tinsel garland. Hopefully, if they do manage to get in, they will be too busy getting past their strokes from seeing all those sun-worship decorations that they will miss the silver and the LED light bulbs.

  • Viviane
    Lockpicking and golf.
  • cappytan
    Golf and Fly-fishing.
  • Vidiot
    I have a good-sized Blu-ray collection.
  • rocketman

    I have what I would consider to be "Interests" but no real hobbies. Maybe I'm drawing too distinct a line between the two.

    For example, I have a gym membership and work out regularly. Yet, I consider that more of an interest than a hobby. But maybe that is a hobby?

    I guess I think of a hobby as more of something that one spends hours on and is meticulous about. I'm not terribly meticulous about fitness. I don't micro-manage my diet, for example, weigh foods and count protein grams, etc. To me, that's what would put fitness into the category of a hobby.

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