Constructive hobbies

by zeb 21 Replies latest jw experiences

  • KillerJones
    I have had more time to hit the gym and read some very good novels. I am taking PT courses at a local university in the evenings(on the old meeting nights) and have got involved with a charity. I feel bad for not being more charitable when under their veil. Why are they so uncharitable?
  • Phizzy

    I had a hobby/pastime when I was in, but only pursued it in a half-hearted way, so as not to sacrifice Meetings ans FS etc (how sad).

    Since leaving I have thrown myself into it 100%, I thoroughly enjoy it, have made many new, good, friends, who we now spend time with socially as well as in connection to the "hobby".

    I am really happy to now be a full participant, and to take on other voluntary stuff too, all for my local community.

    I am now a normal member of society, well, as normal as old Phizzy can get !

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