Constructive hobbies

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  • Splash
    WTWizard My favorite flashlight is the Fenix LD22 and its little sister the LD12

    I have the LD12 and absolutely love it. Single AA Eneloop XX and I use it for everything. Scouting around the rear of my hifi to plug stuff in (low setting so as not to dazzle), seeing my way when I wake up in the night (low so as not to wake others), to being out at night.

    Picked up this diffuser for next to nothing and it makes the LD12 even more useful.

  • Xanthippe
    Gardening, drawing, painting, travelling, cat burglary.
  • Bonsai
    Studying the art of bonsai. Making and studying Japanese gardens. Planting in a butterfly garden. Collecting specimens for my butterfly display case. Climbing mountains on the weekends. Making moss terrariums. Working and playing with nature really soothes the mind.
  • Twitch

    Playing bass guitar in an original rock band. Backup vocals where possible. Recording, mixing and mastering the songs we write. Good times.

    Chess gave way to PC video games, mostly simulations and strategy games, some shooters.

    Troubleshooting and fixing PCs and AV related issues for friends.

    Collecting movies, documentaries, concerts and music.

  • Hortensia

    Most of my hobbies are fiber-related. I knit a lot, just started learning to spin with a drop spindle. Learning crochet for just one project, mostly I don't like crochet. I've designed some patterns and want to do more of that.

    I learned html and css for the fun of it, did some websites for people. That's interesting to do although it changes all the time and there is much more to learn.

    I like cooking, canning, foraging locally, gardening.

    Life is too short for all the interesting stuff there is to do and learn.

  • Magnum

    It's not that I've taken up any hobbies since leaving. I've had basically the same interests for the last few decades. It's just that now I see that I might possibly have time to pursue some of my interests since fading and not being burdened down with all the JW busy work.

    My number one interest is acquiring knowledge and understanding. I love to read and learn. I'm interested mostly in academic type subjects such as math, science, philosophy, language, psychology, and history. But I love many other things such as traveling, exploring, hiking,

  • Hairtrigger
    Gambling, gardening, shooting( gun and pistol , (non living targets only-maybe a fish for the table sometimes) poultry and other birds, dogs and farm animals ,deep sea fishing( , hiking and mountain climbing, reading non fiction and poetry , writing, baking-cooking sometimes, drinking rye whisky, movies, tv-buff, long drives into nature reserves, eating exotic foods ......browsing through the write ups on the forum!!!
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    I wasn't allowed to get a college education so now that I'm out of the truth, I'm taking a meat cutting course by mail. It's going pretty well so far but the Postman is having some difficulty stuffing the larger cuts of beef through the mail slot in my front door.
  • millie210
    Tole painting, becoming a wildlife rehabilitator, learning about herbal medicine - its nice to be able to put these more front and center in my life now that I am not "pioneering".
  • OzGirl

    My current interest/hobby at the moment is trying to teach myself how to play golf. Emphasis on the word "trying."

    I can't hold my wrists straight yet so the golf balls go either left or right but rarely straight ahead.

    I putt in Forrest Gump style - "you never know what ya gonna get"

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