Raymond Franz Never A Member of GB/Fathers Email

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  • ladonna


    Thankyou, yes I did get the email and I tried to reply but your email wouldn't work.
    The point is.......My Mother knew that Ray Franz was a GB member.....she has been raised in the WTBTS......she was playing games........

    But thankyou for doing such a kind thing Jourles, I will put it to some wise use elsewhere.


  • bj

    Hi Ana,

    Although I'm a man, I can tell you that after reading your fathers letter, my eyes are literally full of tears. I feel very, very sorry for you.
    At the moment my wife is facing similar situation with her family and yes I can understand it HURTS A LOT.
    But don't give up, your best weapon is TRUE LOVE. Besides you know that you can count on us all.
    Lots of Hugs.


  • unclebruce

    You're a great gal Ana,

    You're fathers words made me feel so sick I could hardly read all that "in the eyes of Jehovah" crap. It may help to remmember that in a way that wasn't really your father speaking.

    Your post demonstrates the most evil aspect of cult indoctrination - tearing families apart is unforgivable .. may the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society rot in the darkest pit of hell!


    PS: I hope he gets his brain back from the cleaners one day.


  • bj

    Hello Ana,

    this is me again, can you please tell me if your father is an Elder, if yes, what is he?


  • ladonna

    Hi Joe,

    No, my father is not an elder and never has been. He has always been too "spiritually weak" to be an elder.
    But my Grandparent whom I lost during the pasy 18 months raised me for the first five years of my life.........and my Grandfather was an elder. But his love was unconditional. Now they are dead........there is literally no one...

    Thankyou for your kind words.....

  • Pathofthorns


    I have never read a more horrible letter from a father to a child. To even mention that 'life started in sin' is horribly low and ignorant.

    I feel sorry for the pain that you must have had while reading it, but also appreciate the peace and freedom that comes with finally abandonning people that will never change and only seek to hold you back and hold you down.

    Please know that you are not the person your father makes you out to be, that you are loved and will continue to find the strength to carry on.

    You must do what you are doing, move on and leave them behind. Do not give them the satisfaction of having further words with you.


    PS- Please consider submitting your letter to a website so people can see just how horrible this shunning policy really is. Perhaps even governments like France would find it quite interesting in the face of WT claims that 'we are not a cult'.

  • ladonna


    I would do that, but I feel suddenly ashamed of how I came into the world.......it made me feel dirty......I dunno......
    I think I just have to get over that email........

    Thankyou for your kindness......all of you....you have been here when I really hit the bottom of the barrel.......that's hard to admitt but true.
    There is too much sadness going around lately........


  • logical


    I know how much that hurts, Im so sorry you had to hear that.

    Be safe in the knowledge that they are NOT true disciples of Christ, for it is by their LOVE you will know them. That letter is not reproof. It is pure hateful judgement.

  • Prisca


    You have nothing to feel ashamed about. You had no say in how you came to be in this world, and no one, not even this horrible man that calls himself your "father", can imply that you are anything but.

    You are a wonderful and very special human being. Don't ever forget that!! You have brought smiles and love to so many people - think of how much jon thought of you, despite never having met you in person! Your beautiful personality come out, even through the often impersonal internet. You have many special qualities, that help make this world a better place. You are NEEDED here, in this world. You bring happiness and joy to those that befriend you.

    You are special.

  • blondie

    Ladonna, here's a book I highly recommend. Your parents have a lot of baggage and they want to dump it on you.

    Toxic Parents: Overcoming their hurtful legacy and reclaiming your life (Susan Forward and Craig Buck)

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