Raymond Franz Never A Member of GB/Fathers Email

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  • ladonna

    Yep, that's right!!

    I called my mother tonight to say a friendly hello. What did I get?
    You guessed it. A good old fashioned preaching to.

    "Isn't it good how the WTBTS have warned us how the world would get?"
    "Won't it be good when what happened in NY happens all over the world and gets rid of all the wicked ones?"

    I lost it....I really lost it!!

    I told my mother about Crisis of Conscience. She said "Raymond Franz? Never heard of him!" "He was never a member of the Governing Body"
    "You had better get your facts right from your apostate sites before you start sprouting off about JW's"

    I told my mother that WOL was not a so-called apostate site.
    She said "Yes it is, they all are. No real JW would be seen on the internet discussing the "truth"."

    I told her to look it up for herself.....she said "I really can no longer speak to you".

    Well, considering the fact that I have been shunned more times than I can remember this is no surprise to me.
    But I carried on......I brought up not wanting to live forever with a God that would enjoy murder on such a grand scale.

    My mother turned her colors from normal to flaming red.......I became the despised one tonight. Not just shunned, but utterly despised.....and I felt every barb she threw.

    To end it, I said to her that I no longer wish to associate with any of my family (I am adopted) until they were no longer JW's.
    Many of you may remember my post a while back where I considered saying nothing to them due to their age........well when I heard the utter contempt in my mother's voice.....age no longer mattered.

    I went down on my terms and fighting. I will never see or speak to them again. And for the first time......it's ok!

    Ana feeling free...........

    I will defend, to your death, my right to my opinion.

  • joelbear

    Hi Ladonna,

    The feeling free does feel good.

    Thankfully things have never gotten quite this bad with my parents. They disagree with my point of view, but never have held me in contempt. My parents take the approach that if they can logically convince me to come back, that is their best hope.

    They have had a harder time accepting my views of god than my homosexuality.

    Embrace the freedom.

    take care


  • msil

    Ana - :-(

    thinking of you

  • COMF

    I understand your feelings, Ana, the injustice, the blind stupidity, the unreasoning prejudice. Your anger is certainly warranted.

    A suggestion for your consideration: your self-worth is determined by you, not by anyone else. If you are sure of your worth, confident in who you are without needing outside confirmation, then you are impervious to attacks of this nature. You have the strength within you to remain calm, knowing that no assault can take you down. And from that pervasive calm, you can reach out to love your parents unconditionally... that is, to keep the lines of communication and love open from your side, leaving it only a matter of their choice whether to return your love and open heart.

    Wishing you serenity,


  • Kent
    I told my mother that WOL was not a so-called apostate site.
    She said "Yes it is, they all are. No real JW would be seen on the internet discussing the "truth"."

    She's right, you know. The Watchtower has told the JWs to get off the net, and constantly warned about the dangers.

    WOL is doing exactly what the Watchtower has told them NOT to do, and as such, they are NOT "real JWs". Your mother is absolutely correct on this.

    As for denying Raymond Franz was ever a JW, or denying he was in the GB, that's also normal. I have got many, many letters during the last 8 years telling me that.

    So, what else is new. The Taliban has done what the Watchtower can't do - because they are not in power in any country. Forbidden TV, Movies and Music tapes and records.

    ID The Watchtower had the same power, they would have done exactly the same. Control of information is power - and that's why some people are as braindead as JWs and Taliban followers.

    It's absolutely no difference between Taliban and the Watchtower. Their doctrines vary a little - not THAT much, if you go down to the roots - but their ways of handling things are exactly the same. What separates them is the possibilities of forcing others to do as they demand.

    Taliban has power - the Watchtower's power is reduced by "secular law" - which is the only reason we on this board are still allive!

    Yakki Da


    I need more BOE letters, KMs and other material. Those who can send it to me - please do! The new section will be interesting!!

    Daily News On The Watchtower and the Jehovah's Witnesses:

  • Prisca


    You have my support and love to get you through this (you also have my phone number! )

    It's tough trying to reason with family. Their closeness to us emotionally makes it so much harder to take when they reject us and our new-found beliefs.

    COMF - I loved the words of your post. Although they were addressed to ana, I benefited from them also. Thank you

  • ashitaka

    Ladonna, It's quite possible that your mother never heard of Franz....especially if she's older.

    It's utterly frustrating talking to someone who doesn't care if you're right...only if their faith isn't trodden upon...it's no surprise that she throws barbs at you....she is embarrassed of your apparent ungodliness. What tripe.

    It makes me angry, reading what you wrote. I was talking to Gopher and called it a moral fashion show....that's what it' become.


  • OhHappyDay

    Easy Deal
    I donĀ“t have the CD Rom at hand. But, ANA, ask our friends here, to give you sources from WT publications in the late 70ies. I remeber Ray had speaches in Europe and at Gilead, and the magazines reported that saying HIS NAME and his POSITION!!!!
    Give those referencesto your mother or send her a copy of the magazines, she can compare with the original in the Kingdom Hall.
    Make a deal:if you're wrong and she's right you will attend allmeatings from now on. As mother she want's to save your eternal life... maybe she will accept this conditions, hm?
    Tell us how it goes...~
    Happy Day!!!

  • Seeker

    Don't JWs do research any more?! All one has to do to verify Ray Franz was on the GB is to look him up on the WT CD. He'll be mentioned at more than one Gilead graduation as being a member of the GB.

  • bboyneko
    As for denying Raymond Franz was ever a JW, or denying he was in the GB, that's also normal. I have got many, many letters during the last 8 years telling me that.

    I thought that certain books throughout the years list the governing body members? Also if he wasn't a governing body member, why hasnt the WTBTS sued? If he is lying they would win for slander and misrepresentation and other stuff. Why allow someone to have not one, but TWO long detailed books that claim he was a governing body member when he wasnt? Clearly your mom hasnt thught this out. JW's never like using logic it's "evil"

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