Help me describe the idealized JW fantasyland

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  • MidwichCuckoo

    ninja - you could play 'spot the neighbour' for a few weeks though.

    ''That's old Mr Jones''

    ''How do you know? it's only one leg''

    ''Zip-up slipper, I'd recognise it anywhere''

    Have to think of a new game once the 'cleaning-up' work is complete.

  • ninja

    hey middy....still laughing at "zip up slipper"....(as ninja discreetly moves his zip up slippers out of sight)

  • OnTheWayOut

    Men's JW uniforms- everyone wears white shirts, dark suits that are either solid or with thin pinstripes.
    The shoes and belt are both black or dark brown. The hair is very short.

    Women's JW uniforms- everyone wears pantyhose. They all dress like June Cleaver in a dress that
    comes past the knees. The shoes are always flats or slight heels, boots in winter, but never open-toes.

    Children's uniforms- somehow every boy looks like the men, every girl looks like the women, little mini
    versions of their parents. Never a boy without a tie, never a girl without a dress.

    Visitors tend to dress down during the first visit, so everyone knows it's their first meeting. The second
    time they come, they are indistinguishable from JW's.

  • NotaNess

    Christ is notified he must be re-baptised via Watchtower certified water or else.

  • Mum

    Present, past and future: Stepford wives, Stepford husbands, Stepford children, Stepford singles, male and female. Pseudo smiles. Perfect grooming at all times, even while sleeping. In the ideal society, there are no poets or artists - no issues out in the open. Trash must be generated in secret and disposed of without detection. Everything, especially sex, the right way with the right person at the right time. No passion. Limited range of emotion of any kind. No personal interests other than Bible reading, and consuming huge quantities of fresh fruit pulled straight from trees and hobnobbing with wild animals. The latter two are future only, I suppose.

    I watch the film Pleasantville from time to time to remind me that a "perfect" world leaves a lot to be desired.

    Now back to my messy life,


  • moshe

    The headquarters of the WT Society will be moved to a better location- they will go back to JT Rutherfords roots and move Bethel to his favorite state, California! Insiders close to the deal say they will be buying Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch. The writers department is excited about the move and hope the fairytale atmosphere there can snap them out of their decade long writers block. Dreary old Brooklyn seems to have kept the new light from getting through to them. As an added bonus, Michael J. has promised to to leave his chimp Bubbles behind as a personal attendant for the frail Governing Body members. They seem to all need help emptying their drool cups these days.

    Even if the new order should be delayed another 100 years, the faithful slave can now enjoy a paradise of their ownalt , thanks to the work of the brothers.

  • moshe
    I watch the film Pleasantville from time to time to remind me that a "perfect" world leaves a lot to be desired.

    I too, have seen that movie and thought "there goes the JW paradise on earth".

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