Low carb...............high protein diet

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  • vitty
    I'm just starting to get back into cycling to work, a 15 mile trip each way

    You are just starting ............................30 miles aday......................tell me how long you last

    Im starting on a high protein ,low carb diet this week...........and a weight traing programme, wish me luck

  • Satans little helper
    Satans little helper

    good luck!

    I am going to start by doing the cycle trip just twice a week for the moment, I cycled both ways on thursday last week and one way on tuesday. I'm plannign on cycling both ways tomorrow and thursday this week, I'll let you know how it goes.

  • BrentR

    Over the last six weeks I have dropped 13 Lbs doing an 80 carbs a day diet, mountain biking 30 mins. each day and taking CLA. That 13 Lbs is a very powerful incentive to make the next 13 even easier. I am also taking a very potent joint repair formula to get the bad disk in my back to start regenerating. It has 21 grams of protien (pre broken into aminos) so it is also working as an appetite supresant.

    I am dong this to decrease the shear forces on my lumbar disks, not for vanity. Pain is a powerful motivator to lose weight.

  • vitty
    Over the last six weeks I have dropped 13 Lbs doing an 80 carbs a day diet,

    Is that 80 grams a day ?

    If I lost 13 lbs, Id be nearly at my goal weight....................Ive lost 14 but now im stuck

    I went away for the easter weekend drinking, eating .....a lot..................but to my surprise I havnt put a lb on. So maybe all the hard work i did the week before paid off

    Im trying to be really strict with carbs during the week...........................only veg and fruit..................then have some bread, rice or pasta (wholemeal) of course at the weekends, see how that works. The only thing is we do drink wine at the weekends too, it could be a bit of overload

  • fri

    All diets work very well as long as you stick to them. There is this new diet my wife is on NO FLOUR, NO SUGAR. you will be amazed how much weight you can loose.

    As for myself I need a diet to make me fater. With ulcerative colitis, regardless how much or whatever I eat I just loose weight like there is no tomorrow. I am 4.9 and 140lbs. my wife complains i am just skin an bones.

  • BrentR

    I am still dropping 1 to 1.5 Lbs each week with 80 grams of carbs. I was 230 and as of fri I am at 214, at this rate I could keep going indefinitely since I do not have any cravings or carb withdrawls going. As soon as I hit 212 I will go from "obese" to slightly overweight according to the BMI index. I still can not comprehend how a 5' 11" guy that weighs 214 can be considered obese.

  • G Money
    G Money

    Exercise is the key as well as sticking to your diet. I´ve found that a workout buddy helps to keep you from flaking out at the gym as well as a regular set schedule. As we get older our systems slow down and some need to do more cardio. Women should do some weights, not to build muscle but to have a nice tone look and it also burns fat. A good cardio schedule is to get your heart rate up to 200 minus your age for at least 20 minutes 3 times a week. I hate cardio that is boring and if you do as well, try kickboxing or playing basketball or something else where you won´t care your heart is pounding!

  • sass_my_frass

    Your formula is too complicated. Try this one:

    Energy out must exceed energy in. Eat less; move more. Sorry but there's no easy way.

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