Low carb...............high protein diet

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  • vitty

    Ok so now im more confused than ever...................

    I have found out information that says you should eat 1gram of protein to every lb you weigh...............ok I can do that , I thought. 4oz--100gram chicken breast, thats not a lot, but that is not how its calculated

    100 grams of chicken is only 14 g protein.

    So if I ate only chicken for a day say 10oz--300 gram................= 1,120 calories ( my limit ) its only 42 grams of protein.

    Can anyone explain it, have I got it wrong

    I want to do a low carb (how much is that a day) and higher protein diet. Ive looked on the web , very different ideas !!!

  • lisavegas420

    When I go on the low carb high protein diet, this is what I do.

    I eat all the meat eggs and cheese I want. drink lots of water, green tea, and decaf coffee.

    I eat as little carbs as I can for the first two weeks and then after that try to keep the carb under 30 per day.

    I know it works....I went to a size 3 last time. After an accident last year I gained 20lbs so I'm back on the diet again.

    lisa<-----mmmm j/k

  • vitty

    Thanks Lisa.

    Im really struggling .................ive lost 14 lb ( I put on loads after 2 holidays close together, then xmas).

    I know im a carb addict, the more I eat the more hungry I get, but I just seem to lose my way !!

    I used to eat eggs for breakfast instead of cereal, or an omlette for lunch, but have had to cut them out cos my cholesterol rocketed. Its back to normal now but I havent touched an egg for weeks. They were my lifeline

    So now ive been eating cereal for breakfast, wholemeal tuna sandwich and then a stirfry for dinner---------------ive cut out alchohol but im stuck.

    Its hard to know what to eat for lunch, and breakfast. I can manage dinner.

    I will pull a chicken breast out of the freezer for lunch and have a salad with it.......................no bread.

  • Crumpet
    So now ive been eating cereal for breakfast, wholemeal tuna sandwich and then a stirfry for dinner---------------ive cut out alchohol but im stuck.

    That sounds really healthy. Why not just increase your calorie burning and turn any excess into muscle, which weighs more but looks better!

    I did the low carb thing and dropped 28lbs quite quickly, and guess what soon as I stopped I piled it on twice as fast. I didn't feel all that great on it either.

  • vitty

    I couldnt do the Atkins diet..................its too restrictive. Im also going to start a weight traing programme next week

    I just wonder how many carbs I should be having.

  • avidbiblereader

    Be very careful of the low carb and high protein diet. For best results cut calories not carbs, also make sure that your carbs are complex carbs and not simple carbs, that is a HUGE difference.

    Track what you eat, how much you are working off and keep a DAILY log, Eat 5-6 times a day, that keeps your metabolism working all day, don't eat after 6-7 PM, IF you can, incorporate cardio, even low impact such as walking upto 30+ for speeding up your metabolism, also weight training.

    For good ideas and tips, go to MSN, on their home page go to health and fitness, they have whole sections just for men and women.

    They have a whole section just for asking questions and doing any kind of research on what you need from diet to exercise, which kinds and how much.

    Healthy living is for a lifetime, it is reconditioning your mind as much as your body.


  • Little Drummer Boy
    Little Drummer Boy

    I have been on many diets over the years. After doing an enormous amount of research, I feel that the restricted (notice I didn't say "no") carb diet is a great way to go for the weightloss phase of a diet. For a very well balanced explanation and reasoning on the subject, I recommend picking up a copy of "The South Beach Diet". It addresses the faults of other low carb diets such as Atkins. After my research, I would no longer advocate the Atkins diet (although I did lose 45lbs on it). One basic premise of South Beach is to keep (in moderation) unrefined carbs such as whole wheat bread, while ditching the highly processed foods such as white bread which have little nutritional value and effect blood sugar levels by digesting too quickly. Those cravings you are talking about happen because of the blood sugar swings.

    Hope that helps.


  • vitty

    As I said I have lost 14lb.........but need to lose another 21 lb

    Im 45, I walk my dog everyday for 30 mins, I eat wholewheat bread and brown rice ( only 2 ozs) I eat tuna and chicken never red meat. I love veg and I eat fruit everyday! I only drink wine on a Friday and Saturday night. I never eat junk food ( well rarely )

    Im sick and tired of being overweight with all the effort I put in.....Im sick and tired of stupid advice telling me " If you eat 2 almonds nuts a day youll lose 14lb a year" yeah right !!!

    Im starting a weight traing programme next week, but to tell you the truth.

    I dont want to, I have to.

    Im tired, fed up and just want to eat normal!!!!!!!!

  • BFD

    I did the Atkin's diet back in the 1990's and lost almost 50 lbs. It was a hard diet to follow and I put almost all the weight back on when I stopped eating that way.

    I started to follow the South Beach diet in July 2006 and find it much easier to handle. Great cookbooks, easy recipes. I cheat here and there but I am back down to my goal weight with a 32" waist. (from 38-40) South Beach works best for me. I wish you all the best.


  • anewme

    Vitty, you said exactly how I feel too!!!

    I lost some weight but now its creeping up again. Its so discouraging.

    I complain about my climbing weight to my husband and he just says "I'll still do you!"
    Thats sweet, but its not the answer.

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