A Question for Underground Apostates, How Many Are There?

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  • Vidiot

    OneEyedJoe - "Has there been much of an increase? To me it seems about the same as ever."

    Sure feels to me like the WTS has pulled a Spinal Tap and cranked it up to 11, these days.


    Although, I freely admit that the Kool-Aid becomes a lot easier to recognize the longer you've been out.

  • wifibandit

    In. Very in. Super Couple, always sits in the front row. Yet.... I'm Fully awake to TTATT, and actively working against the bOrg. No others in my hall, but there are many teens who lead double lives.

  • daringhart13

    I believe there are many that continue to 'associate' due to family ties, etc........but they don't believe it, couldn't tell you anything about their 'religion'.....and aren't really hardcore 'apostates'....

    ......they basically just hang around ... they know it's absurd and will even tell you it is..... but just keep hanging around due to social of family connections.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    WT's dilemma and predicament is not only with 'underground apostates'. There are the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of disfellowshipped, disassociated, inactive, irregular, those that are fading and those who are low-meeting attendees and then there are the tens of thousands, if not more, like myself who are regular and active members but very much at odds with 'Mother' and her asinine doctrines and policies.

    Add to the mix the ongoing discord and tumult among many elders and others over the switch from the RBC to the LDC arrangement. No....quite the contrary WT has a major problem on their hands and it ain't going away any time soon!

  • joe134cd
    I guess when you look at sights such as this one and see that they are growing. It would kind of indicate that there is discord amongst the ranks.
  • looter
    maybe like 0.125%. I'm only sure of one person that may know. All the others that seem like they know are just the type of witnesses that believe, but just don't act zealous in it at all.
  • NewYork44M
    We need to develop a secret hand shake or phrase so we know who is living on the dark side, but still in the heart of the Borg. It has been many years since I went to my last meeting; but while in, I was sure that I was surrounded by those of similar thinking - we just didn't know.
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Good idea New York because if there are wobblers on the congos, they don’t want to advertise their disbelief. The JW religion is about appearances... an example of this is about the half hearted witnessing time, put in because it is required of them, not out of earnest desire to find new converts. Of course there are many who just put in a report without the work.

    I have just spent the afternoon with a close friend who is a JW of good standing but in his head he doesn’t believe a word of their teaching. He is aware as most of us here that the GB are sociopaths playing the role of God ordained teachers but without the authority. He actually hates the organisation! But his fondness for his JW zombie wife means he goes through the motions and lives in tolerable peace with her but mentally lives elsewhere through books and a cultural life apart from JW indoctrination.

    I asked him today about others in the cong who also might be non believers and he said he knows of others, but like him they would rather not rock the boat. Simply to talk about the errors of the society is enough to create a witch hunt and unpleasantness, so no one goes there...

    If there are one hundred and fifteen thousand congregations I would think that would make at least 115,000 mentally out but stuck in and another 400,000 having grave doubts and perhaps another 500,000 unenchanted youth about to leave as well. This of course is just a guess...how could we ever measure it accurately?

    All in all let’s hope that the internet with its transparent information allow the world at large and more and more JWs to see the harmful cultic activity of the JW org and encourage them to leave in droves.

  • steve2

    It's not apostate individuals who have the potential to test the limits of local congregations; it's apathetic individuals who wear down the lifeblood of congregations over time.

    The GB know full well that many, many, many more fall away due to apathy than ever due to apostasy.

    We ought to put this into perspective: Bored, unmotivated, wishy-washy individuals who wouldn't know a decent doctrinal discussion if they heard one, are the most worrying target of the GB.

    In kingdom hall land, a yawn is more devastating to morale than a sceptic's well-aimed arrow.

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