Maybe I don't want to live in Paradise

by pratt1 36 Replies latest jw friends

  • MinisterAmos

    Think of what you'd have to miss out on.....

  • Twitch
    I'm not so sure Paradise is such a great place?

    Doesn't sound so good to me. Too much grass to cut

  • roflcopter
    I was reading a very funny article that asked "What about all the cows" ? It went onto ask what would happen to all the cows that would need milking the day after armageddon.........................well I dont know how to milk a cow, can you?

    Yeah you couldnt milk cows because the bible says god will bring about "utter destruction!!!"

  • looking_glass

    Every day that I am surrounded by my friends and my cats, I am in paradise. So yes, I want to be there.

    As for the JW paradise, if it means I have to bow to the man, then no thanks, I will gladly just fall asleep in death. That way I can catch up on all the sleep I missed while being worldly.

  • LovesDubs

    They always made it allllll so pretty didnt they? Children being ressurected straight out of their graves, running fully coifed and clothed with shoes and all into the arms of their ecstatic weeping parents! ooooohs and aaahhhhhs. The cornucopias filled to the brim with fruits and veggies and people in colorful native costumes no matter WHERE they lived on the planet and the everpresent water falls where there werent even hills, let alone water and that damn lion.

    They made it sound like the world was going to go from the destruction and blood and chaos and screaming that they showed us and terrified us with as children with baby carriages, moms and doggies being sucked into cavernous holes with lightening and gunfire all around them to ....perfection, instant, permanent perfection.

    Would you want to spend all eternity with those people in the hall???? Shit man...I barely could tolerate three meetings a week and field service. Get me OUT of here!!

    nooooo thank you.

  • aquagirl

    crafty lady, i agree..sounds boring and just how many grapes can you eat before you want like,a lobster or something?the pics always showed folks w/EXTREMELY BAD hair,so i want nothing to do w/it..and the clothes!!!!give me a break!!!like id be caught dead in any of those happy right now...where i walk like a golden god amongst the everyday people...HARHARHAR

  • aquagirl

    actualy,i AM a golden god...dess

  • uwishufish

    CT Russell if he stepped from his grave and on to the first class section of a jumbo jet about to land, and upon landing was wisk away to one of the mega cruise ships(>100,000 tonnes) with a caribbean venue, I am sure he would declare this Gods Paridise.

  • LtCmd.Lore

    With god all things are possible...

    Forget about the horrors that arise from spending an eternity with nothing but dubs... I wouldn't want to live under Jehovahs 'protection' at all!

    He's capable of saying 'be gone' and eliminating all the bad guys in a fraction of a second, no mess or suffering... but what does he do? He makes Noah build an ark, which theoreticaly took over 50 years of work, then he made him spend a year in an animal infested poop pit of a boat.

    He could have given the Israelites everything they wanted... but he gave them one kind of food every day for 40 years, and they had to BEG for water before they got it. (And then they got in trouble for that yet.)

    He made them waste forty years of their lives wandering about in the wilderness. Why? Because they didn't quite trust him to help them in battle... then after the forty years is up, he orders them to battle, and lets them hanging because ONE GUY took some money and clothes. (Yeah good thing they trusted him!)

    So maybe all things are possible with god, but given his past record it's highly unlikely that you can count on him for a happy life. He talks a big game, but when he acctualy ends up having to do something, you end up with worm infested manna and a stinky boat. (Note: You provide the boat, and collect the rotting manna.)

  • Abandoned

    LtCmd.Lore, My mouth is agape. That is the most succinct description of why the god of the bible deserves nothing but derision I have ever read. Thank you for writing and sharing that.

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