For those who were raised in "the truth"

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  • misocup
    especially since most of JW kids were as bad or worse then the "worldly" ones I knew.

    As everyone else here I was never allowed to play with the evil worldly kids. Just the Elders kids who killed my pet turtle, or who threw things around my room and left. Or the ones who when no one was home had origes with their step siblings at age 12. Or snuck in at night the other JW kids from down the block to have sex with two at a time. A lot of teen pregnancy in my cong. but that was supposed to be better than the freindships from the world.

  • misocup

    Holy crap!

    No wonder so many JW parents kill their families.

  • Hortensia

    sorry to get in on this late - took seven weeks to get dsl at my new house!!! I was both afraid of dying at A and afraid my violent alcoholic dangerous psychopath father would kill us all. What a childhood - as one of you said the horrible stuff about A was a form of childhood abuse, very Dickensian, eh? Interesting thing is, although I can see I am a somewhat fucked up person, I am also one of the happiest people I know, just through sheer relief at surviving both the dangerous father and the sick religion, I guess.

  • SPAZnik

    I wasn't *sure* I'd be doomed for destruction,
    but I also wasn't *sure* I'd be permitted into pawadise.
    The teachings seemed to ensure that.

  • garybuss

    You wrote: "How many of you always felt like you would be killed at armageddon"

    Yes, me for sure!

  • Hangin_on

    it seems like alot of people suffered some sort of abuse in their childhood

  • misanthropic
    How many of you always felt like you would be killed at armageddon no matter what you did... it was never enough and your parents put a guilt trip on you?

    My parents didn't guilt trip us, but I never thought I would make it, I never felt like I was good enough. I remember being very young and praying many, many times for my parents to make it though. My mom would lose her temper and get mad at us and yell and I would be afraid because I'd hear her talking about it later with my Dad, how she wasn't going to make it through Armageddon because she had a bad temper.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Let's put it this way, filling the heads of young Children with this sort of crap is going to make them phobic and cause grevious fears. The double standards of these morons additionally cause even more stress. If the child is impressionable, and to some degree that's the whole point, they will be harmed by this madness. I know that it crippled me for many years, not with a fear that I wouldn't be good enough, but that all around me would be dead soon. This included all my family and school mates that wouldn't listen or act on the info. Those of us raised in it before 75 had an even more intense experience due to the hoopla and increased fear mongering of the big boys. Wouldn't it be appropriate if...... bastards.

    I hate them for it and if there is a God I hope he pulls their wings off.


  • MeneMene

    While I was terrified as a child of having to live through Armageddon, I don't remember being too afraid that I would not survive it.

    By the time I was 30 I didn't care if I did die during A. I didn't want to live forever with the WTS and their followers anyway.

  • Hangin_on

    it looks like the majority were guilt - tripped

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