New Ex-JW's: Smoking isn't worth it!

by AlmostAtheist 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • Virgochik

    Good advice! Smoking doesn't hurt the Witchtower Blabber and Trip Society at all. You're just hurting yourself when you smoke and get sick.

  • LtCmd.Lore

    Crap Dave... I will definately NOT be trying smoking. I hope you can quit, are you using the gum or the patches or anything? Even if you keep the addiction at least you won't kill your lungs right?

    Take the hooker to church, and scratch the lottery ticket with the corner of a Reasoning book.


    Hire a hooker huh? Sounds like a much better way to rebel. (And probably cheaper in the long run.)

    I'll just be jazzed about being able to watch the movies I want, play the video games I want, have the friends I want, and get the job I want... I don't really want to smoke.

    So one Saturday, after a hard week of designing video game characters, I can rent the Matrix trilogy and watch them till midnite with my best buds, at midnite I can hire a hooker...... ok, the job is a variable.

    After writing that I decided I should dedicate Sundays to going to the gym lest I become a big fat pig.

  • restrangled

    I just wrote a lengthy response to your post and one of my dobermans hit the key board and erased it.....which I suppose is a sign.

    I am 47 been smoking for 17 years. I wrote about how I started but that doesn't matter just how to quit ....and that I do not know how to do.

    I have struggled many times with patches, I cannot get any prescriptions because of past medical I am left to my own devices such as gum, lozenges, and like I mentioned the patches.

    I have quit for 3 weeks and gone absolutely nuts.....

    My advice, don't start, you may not be able to quit.


  • DanTheMan

    Good advice Dave.

    You don't look cool when you smoke either. j/k

    I've been off of them for 14 months now. It's nice to know that I am truly off of them, for good and all.

    Remember when you weren't a smoker, and you would get around somebody who was either smoking or just finished one? Remember how strong the smell is? I think when you're a smoker you forget how stinky it was to you when you weren't.

  • troucul

    Point taken...but...damn, where's my lighter?

  • SPAZnik

    Nice thread, AlmostA. :)

    I wuz born hooked. That made my mom quit. She focussed on overdosing on a fruit and a vegetable, based on some advice she was given. She chose plums and tomatoes (both are fruit, I know). It worked for her.

    I sort of tried it in 8th grade and again after leaving the dubs when I had an acquaintance over that smoked. I'm pretty sure I didn't really inhale. I do remember holding the cigarette vertically in the air, looking at it intently/quizically and thinking, "this just seems so self-destructive".
    When my acquaintance burst out laughing, I realized I had said that out loud. (One of those "had to be there" moments).

    I find cigars a little more fun, though they're a rarity for me.

    I feel for those trying to quit. Habits can be challenging to break/replace.

  • Soledad

    Yes I agree. Dont start this habit. I quit then start again then quit again then start again. I'm in the middle of the quit but if there are cigarettes near me.......

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    I see it as an outward visble symbol that a goofy witness can see, that says stay the ----- away from me I'm not like you. It would be the same as growing a beard. I wish I could quit too. There's not many happy thoughts to fall back on in reprogrmming me though and I know the minute I do they will be right there in my moment of vulnerability and weakness to start with there f-----n bullshit. I wish they would keep there ideas to themselves and leave me alone. pests. I don't need to be battling them on top of the habit. It might be unpredictable for them. I tell you one thing I don't want to go ou like that. It aint pleasant gasping for breath!

  • SPAZnik

    "pests." ~ Tyrone van leyen


  • tim hooper
    tim hooper


    Good post!

    I left the JW's at an impressionable 17, and almost the the first 3 things I did were to buy a pint of beer, a packet of condoms and a packet of cigarettes. Of course, it was all a snub at my upbringing.

    We're talkng abour 1975 here, so do any UK members recall a nasty little cigarette brand called Guards?

    I'm a habitual sort of rut-follower, so soon found myself smoking 30 a day (plus cigars in the pub) and stayed that way until my early 30's - first two actions in the morning; reach for my specs so I could see my cigarettes - when out of the blue my smoker wife said that if cig prices rose any further then she'd seriously try to stop.

    I replied that if she stopped then I would stop too, and what's more I wouldn't cave in and start again before she did! So we both stopped dead, and went cold turkey - no placebos, no aids. It was uncomfortable for a week or so, it's true, but I didn't end up chewing the wallpaper or kill anyone!

    That was 17 years ago and, although my wife and I have gone our separate ways, neither of us have felt any inclination to fire up again.

    Anyway, the words wisdom are thus;- stay away from tobacco. It's addictive, makes you smell bad and can kill you.


    PS Anybody got any use for a packet of condoms, 1975 vintage?

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