Least Favourite Thing Your Pet Does

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  • ButtLight

    Tearing a roll of toilet paper apart, and spreading it all over the house! Pooping somewhere else besides the litter box........my male cat does that when he is mad at me, (especially if I dont scoop fast enough for him)

    Ripping me open with their back claws when they play!

    Female when she is in heat.....oh for god sake, she wont shut up! (yeah i know, get her fixed lol)

  • love2Bworldly

    The latest thing my 6 month old kitty, Duncan, does--he follows us and sneaks into whatever we are doing without being noticed. Once he got shut in the refrigerator, once he got shut in the dishwasher, once he was shut up in our cereal/food cupboard, and a few days ago he was shut out on the back patio for several hours before we realized it. He is practically mute, his meow is a teeny tiny little cry--so he is difficult to find because his meow is so quiet!

  • RunningMan

    Our current dog eats his own turds. That's just gotta stop.

    Our previous dog (a husky) would tunnel out of the yard. That dog could dig like a mole. The yard looked like it had been bombed out.

  • cruzanheart

    Lease Favourite Thing: he died. And I miss him so much!


  • avidbiblereader

    We inherited a cockatiel from our second daughter and Breezer loves to whistle and the thing that annoys me is his constant crapping over the edge of the cage. She doesn't know it but she is getting Breezer back in two years as they can live for up to 30 years,


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    One of my cats sometimes pees on the doormat instead of in her litter tray. I can't be too hard on her though, since she doesn't pee anywhere else I suspect that one of her previous owners taught her it was ok - and it's very hard to unteach cats.

    My other cat, if I won't share my food with him, walks past at close range and 'conveniently' tries to dip his tail in my plate - baaad kitty!

  • Snoozy

    Well I don't have any pets but my Daughter does. She has two huge Leonburgers. When I am there I hate the way they sniff everyone in their private parts..can't break that habit. They leave big wet spots on their pants..

    Now it's become like a slap on the back and a How are ya? thing. They do it whenever they are behind you!

    I told her she really needs to get ahold of the "Dog Whisperer!" SERIOUSLY!

    When I am house or dog sitting there if they aren't behaving..I make them stay outside most of the day. The only problem is when I go somewhere and come back in my car.They have to sniff and butt my provate parts pushing me towards the house.

    They too like to put their heads on the bed early in the morning and when you open your eyes there is a big black nose in your face and they get sooo excited..their faces are saying...FEED ME !


    LEONBURGERS...are big dogs!

  • J-ex-W
    Definitely any leg humping grosses me out, and then of course mistaking the floor for the restroom since one of them is still being trained.

    Misanthropic--- I'd be humping your leg like a dog, if you dress like THAT around the house!!

  • J-ex-W

    Lease Favourite Thing: he died. And I miss him so much!


    (((((((( cruzanheart )))))))))

  • dobbie

    my jack russell poos on the floor(usually just after we've shampooed the carpets!) despite the back door being open agh! I don't really blame him for that cos he was attacked by alsations once and they ripped half his bottom off, i think it was only because i held him up as high as i could that he wasn't killed. Also he yaks up alot too - i do blame him for that cos hes always eating things he shouldn't be - like the rabbits poo!

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