Was There A Time While U Were A Witness That You Were "Looked Down" Upon?

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  • minimus

    ExDubs can be worse that active JWs. Look at a few of the other internet sites for some real unhappy campers.

  • LovesDubs

    1) When I was studying and single and still dressing worldly in my high heels (Im 5'9) and blonde hair and in the 80s with the cinched waists and padded shoulders of my well fitting dresses.I was considered a threat...and probably a ho.

    2) When I was trying to help the young ones in the congregation get more interested in their Watchtower studies and would design word search puzzles and crossword puzzles which required reading the articles to find the answers. The elders told me I was proliferating unapproved materials and was told to cease and desist.

    3) They found out I had been married twice before coming in and therefore had to be someone who would be tempting the brothers with my accummulated "marital needs" that were no longer being fulfilled. They followed me around all the time even at the ripe age of 32. I was never allowed to be alone with a brother at any function, or out in service.

    4) I studied the crap out of my watchtower and often did extra research. I was told that I was relaying too much information "not found in the article" and therefore inserting my personal views and should simplify my answers.

    5) I was told my clothing was not fit for the platform for talks and should be modified to be more modest as it was distracting.

    6) I was told I didnt go out in service enough when I had my baby and was working out of my home even though the pioneers often used my home as a PIT stop when out themselves.

    7) I was told that serving refreshments at the book study in my home "may have been acceptable in my OLD congregation but was not considered within Jehovahs arrangement in my NEW congregation."

    8) ...Im sure I was the target of many that I wasnt even aware of. The JWs are petty, meanspirited, prejudiced and rude, and they consider that behavior loving.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, they do have issues with attractive women with a good figure (unless you are married and your husband is there), then you can dress however you want. In my hall years ago they went on a campaign to go around counseling (I call it harrassing) women about their clothing. I am sure this was instigated by some jealous elder's wife. As far as your home being used as a pit stop, this is a common complaint for people who live near a hall. I even heard of somebody who put up a sign to discourage it. But then again, I would never have opened my home to them. They are ungrateful on top of everything else.


    I know ex-dubs can be pretty bad. This is because they have left-over competitive traits and feel they are experts and authorities in their own right about religious dogma and also because they have been so hurt.


  • caligirl

    Always! I never "measured up" in anyones eyes.

  • aarque

    Same here, Caligirl.. we (myself and four sibs) were raised in it, and always, always were looked down on. When we asked Mom why, she had no answers.

  • KW13

    In certain circles yes.

  • free2think

    When I was growing up, they were always looking down on me: I talked too much, and my sense of humour was too grown up, my clothes were never right, and I went shopping too much. And according to everyone else I wastefully spent my dad's hard-earned money apparently! Witnesses love to make other people feel small.

  • minimus

    Cliques make it very easy to make class distinctions. I knew a lot of "poor uneducated" Witnesses that only would associate with their own group.

  • greendawn

    I was looked down upon after I voiced certain doubts about the JW beliefs but generally I didn't command much respect there since I didn't have any parents or relatives among the dubs, while being young.

  • Kudra

    Ha! not that I ever knew of... I always found out after the fact and during the time in question I was blissfully ignorant, thinking that I was a great spiritual sister.

    Even when they had a "marking" talk about me I didn't even think that anyone even cared or that it was a marking talk.

    Good for me.

    Who cares what they thought.

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