16 children!!! I'm fascinated!

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  • winnie

    Sorry, my mistake... 10 boys and 6 girls.

  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    My mom is the last of 14 children. And yes, it is inevitable that the older siblings end up practically raising the younger ones. Fortunately, with my mom being the last in the bunch, she had her folks mostly to herself growing up. But they were older and that had its own set of challenges.

    Of course, this was almost 60 years ago. I can't imagine what it would be like having that many kids in this society. The financial burden alone! My goodness.

    tall penguin

  • becca1

    Don't anybody get me started on home schooling....

  • snickers

    I've seen the shows about them on TLC. They built an enormous house and the TV show (tlc? or Discovery?) had it furnished & decorated at no cost to the family. She explained that the girls all wear dresses because they can wear them longer without growing out of them, and less laundry if each of the kids only has 2-3 changes of clothes. I personally cannot see how the kids can have a quality education if the mom/teacher is split into 12 different grades! It would be quite a challenge.

  • winnie
    The financial burden alone! My goodness

    The endless interviews, programs and what they must get for advertising products during there shows, must be very lucrative.

    I still think that if they chose to have that many children that they shouldn't exploit them on TV...on the other hand, I am at fault too 'cause I like to watch them!.

    I think they said that their monthly $ for essentials such as nappies, milk bread etc is $2000US. And have you seen their pantry? Like a mini supermarket.

    As I said before: I'm fascinated!

    Sad...aren't I!

  • SirNose586

    I'm sorry, I really have nothing nice to say about this family. You are selfish parents for wanting that many kids. The world doesn't need any more Duggar spawns. I hope no one follows your example, and I hope none of the kids are too screwed up when they get older.

    Screw the parents for being such attention whores.

  • Fred E Hathaway
    Fred E Hathaway

    Everyone sees love differently, eh?

  • SirNose586
    Everyone sees love differently, eh?

    I wouldn't call it love after, oh, say child number 6. That's just punishment for the wife. I call it attention whoring, and utter selfishness. You know the odds are high that one of them is going to have issues until 50. That's not right, and it's not fair. Unless you NEED help--like you're on a farm or something--then there's no NEED for that many children. Atheists know better than to have that many kids. In fact, atheists would probably not want kids at all. Atheists are just looking cooler and cooler by the minute.

  • winnie
    I wouldn't call it love after, oh, say child number 6.

    That's a bit low. I would say about 8. Any after that it would become extremely difficult to raise them individually without outside help. And after 10, I personally think it is extremely irresponsible, because you would have to rely on outside help. Not to mention the demands on the older children.

    In one of the programs it said that the laundry averages 7 loads per day, and this 'jurisdiction' as they call it, is allocated to just 1 child - Jinger...and she's only 12!!! I average about 3 a day, and I find it difficult to keep up at times...and I'm 30! I feel sorry for this child more than any of the others, as laundry must be one of the worst, and boring, household jobs!

  • Stealth453

    Maybe we should all pitch in and buy them a TV before 17 is on the way.

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