Do you (still) pray to God?

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  • Marcel


    im still a witness, but my mind is shunned, already. im staying for fear, since i dont have anything outside the jw's. im not a hardliner saying im sure jw's are wrong or god dont exists, but i confessed myself that i just dont know and i guess strongly that a menmade organization which behaves and acts like the WTS cant be the right.

    okay, here comes the tricky part:

    Do you (still) pray to God?

    To my own surprise i still pray to God regulary. I pray to him for forgiving my doubts (if they're wrong), i pray for saying thank you for good things, i pray for help in my faith crisis (showing me the right way) and i pray when things arent nice and i need help. (btw.: sometimes when i prayed for guidance in faith i found new arguments against the WTS short after...)

    i dont even know whether gods really exists (but i still think its a serious possibility), so my prayer may be a just-in-case thing. it doesnt cost me much so i pray without knowing whether someone hears me. the funny part is that i pray more than other witnesses in my household who are full believers.

    but honestly i dont really know whether i pray. its just a feeling.

    im very interested how shunned/doubtful/believing witnesses handling this.
    did you stop praying at all, still doing it or did you never had any (imagined?) relationship to god?

    Thank You

  • anewme

    Marcel, when I left the Catholic faith I still prayed to God.
    When I left the witness faith I found I was damaged very much by the evil teaching that God no longer cares about me nor listens to my heartfelt prayers.

    I embraced the teachings of the Watchtower wholeheartedly as an adult and so the damage is deep and great.

  • Outaservice

    Yes, daily and about everything!


  • bigwilly

    I never really got in the habit growing up jw, only did so when I had to (when called upon etc), so my answer now is no. Largely due to a lack of interest in the christian belief structure. I have no personal belief in a higher power and it works for me, others do and it works for them.

  • Golf

    Before my mom became a witness in the late forties I prayed or rather, talk to my Creator and I still do. I have no regrets. You don't have to be a witness to talk to your maker.


  • JamesThomas

    Welcome, Marcel.

    I pray occasionally. Not to a tiny image engraved in my head as before, but rather to the beloved, mysterious and intimate vastness of presence and existence.

    Having no God, Divinity has no definable boundary or edge.


  • PrimateDave

    There was a time when I did. As the years passed, I found it more and more difficult to believe in the Great Sky Daddy, so then I just did so when asked to by others. Unlike some, who always told "Jehovah" what they knew and used their prayers as a review of the meeting, I tried to make prayers of praise and thanksgiving to God.

    Nowadays, I don't. Just not interested.


    PS - welcome to the board!

  • mouthy

    Do you (still) pray to God? You bet your cotton socks I do...My advice is dont give up God for the WT -they would then have won. I pray incecessantly... I love Jesus Christ. (Who is MY mediator ) He was with me & mine through heart aches we have gone through. And if I was to tell you the prayers that were answered I dont think you would believe me. Not all my prayers were answered ( one still in the WT & her kids) that I have prayed for since I was D/F but GOD did tell us we have a free will & if she still loves the friends she has there & wants to stay /God wont order her out.... FREE WILL !!!!
    Also my daughter that died left the WT to marry an unbeliever -if you could have seen HER FAITH in Christ. She was SO encouraging to folks when she was dying -they used to come to be encouraged .... A big article was written in the paper about her strength.... I now realise the reason why my prayer for her to live went unanswered is because she wouldnt have been able to take what is happening to her kids. ( Who she adored ) & thought they were perfect.They have posted on here. I love them so much. My son an unbeliever asked Jesus into his heart (ON HIS OWN) the day before he died ( what is the saying no atheists in the foxholes.???? I DO believe they are with the LORD..... Keep on praying my love ( orders from Granny

  • avidbiblereader

    Welcome and absolutely I pray, why should I take out on Jah and Christ for what other have done?


  • DannyBloem

    Hi Marcel,

    I am not going to KH so much anymore.I do not pray. I discovered the truth not because of the things they have done, like the UN, or the false predictions, or the lack of so many things in the organisation.

    I discovered the truth because I digged into sciences. Could not ignore all the evidence about evolution, so feel no need to pray anymore.

    hope you enjoy this site and welcome.


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