what's your sign baby? ;)

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  • arwen

    I am a Gemini and I really show all the traits...good and bad! I usually start a conversation with,"Let me introduce myselves!".....Seriously, I am always fighting with myself about things. My best friend, Meljohn is also a Gemini and we are so much alike it is not even funny. My husband is a Sagittarius, his birthday is exactly six months to the day later than mine and we are a very good match. I would never ever read anything to do with astrology as a JW but now I realize that it is harmless fun. I have had my palm read a few times but I am still waiting for most of the things to happen!!!

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
  • sammielee24

    Full blown Taurus....and I think the description pretty well fits me - except of course the stubborn part.. Sign of sensuality..we love good food, drink....sammieswife.

  • Backed away
    Backed away

    Aquarius, and my previous religion was CANCER, the disease..

  • JWdaughter

    i am a gemini, who is actually a twin, with a fun birthday. . .I married two pisces, got married twice in the first week of december. . .I am a classic gemini, but I don't believe all that stuff:) I don't read horoscopes, but I am sure someone would have fun with mine.

  • free2think

    I'm a cancerian, but that's all I know about astrology.

  • ferret

    Both wife and I are leos

  • inactive in jersey
    inactive in jersey

    me and my mom are cancers. i am everything that they say about cancers. husband is capricorn.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    hey old flame,

    I was born April 20th.

    heh, that's 420 man. ;)


    i guess i am aries myself. mar 25.


  • zensim

    For what it's worth - Aquarian. I didn't really put much credence in it until one day browsing in bookshop and found a large book on the particular year you were born in relation to your star sign. That was scarily accurate.

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