When "friends" let you down...

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  • mia_b

    Hey Crumpet, thought i'd better add something after trevor the thread killer - i think it really hurts when friends let you down. im a giver too, and as a human i DO expect some giving back and feel hurt when people dont treat me like i treat them. but i think you have to keeep giving to be true to yourself.

  • RAF

    Well I guess this might kill the thread for good (I'm sorry if it does)

    Crumpet : What does RAF stand for - is it your initials or something else? Here it stands for Royal Air Force - so everytime I see you I think of a sharp torpedo jet! ;-)

    Sharp torpedo jet ? That’s interesting … LOL … well I wasn’t expecting to use this nickname very long (because of a Logging bug on Frenchbabyface) so it was not something I gave any specific time into.

    But those are the reasons why it came out as RAF

    It’s related to the first post I wanted to post (which I thought I would have call it Run Away Folks – the thread was about what really make two of my sisters really think about the JW’s doctrine / so it was most for JW lurkers – which was explainable form a biblical perspective) and I liked the set of initials as RAF because for the topic it also can be read as a sound, like a dog barking.

    But Narkissos which is French had an other idea on the subject that really made me laugh … in French : J’en ai “Rien A Foutre” which could be translated somehow as “I don’t F*cking Care” … and the more I thought about it and the more this would have been more appropriated because it is somehow the kind of nickname I’ve got for a long time in French (“je m’enfoutiste” which could be translated as : She doesn’t care everything”) Not because I don’t care for real, but I only care regarding to “why” something not “what” only and some people don’t like that because it doesn’t help them to have some power on some others by saying things which should have touched most of people.

    Actually I’m very, very, very sensitive, way more sensitive than most people think, but not for the same reasons than most people think I should or would it is somehow related to my interest of understanding the whys which takes over.

  • Crumpet

    Hey frenchbabyface - i remember you from when I joined the board. I didnt realise you were one and the same! Cool and welcome back even though you were never away!

    (See Trevor - you didnt manage to kill it after all!)

  • RAF

    Thank youCrumpet (it's always good to hear)

  • free2beme

    I respect my friends enough to not want to lay to much on them. As I know they have lives of their own and do not need mine to be to much of a part of theirs. I have issues with trust though, so I only trust my spouse enough to actually think it would affect me any of they let me down. I expect let downs from everyone else, it seems to be human nature, and I would not let a little thing like that, get in the way of friendship.

  • Wafe

    I found this out when I told most of my 'friends' that I had serious doubts about the society and what they teached. I told them that I had thought about leaving and the response was "until you decide to stay we can't talk to you"

    After that, I no longer considered them friends but just people that I know.

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