With all of the negative talk by Born-Agains against JW's are BAC's better?

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  • Junction-Guy

    Im glad funkyderek, because BAC's dont ruin and dominate their members lives the way JW's do. Sure there are both JW's and BAC's who do immoral things, but the BAC's dont go overboard to police their members, and they dont set out on witch hunts. They for the most part will tell you what you are doing wrong, but they leave it up to God to do the punishing, just the oppsite with the JW's who actually set out trying to uncover wrongdoing in their ranks. Most BAC's that I know are too busy trying to raise their own families to have the time to meddle in other people's affairs. BAC's believe God will punish you, JW's believe they should punish you.

  • greendawn

    Good points on the disciplining of disobedient members, the JWs are far too judgemental and intrusive they can't get over the idea of total moral purity and the infamous bringing of reproach on jehovah's name. They are too puritanical, the Holy Spirit may depart from the congo if they tolerate uncleanliness in any member. The end being so near increases the pressure to be squeaky clean.

  • LittleToe


    BAC's(born-again christians)

    Do you mean Fundamentalist Christians? I'm a "born again" Christian, but I don't recognise a number of denominations that claim that exclusive title as having much in common with the my form of religious life.

    ...preaching the gospel/good news to the public?

    Again, can you define your terms? Do you specifically mean door-to-door (which a number engage in) or the peculiar WTS message?


    This is the second post in as many days where I've defended Christians. I must be coming down with something.

    I really am starting to get worried about you!

  • jaguarbass

    Do BAC's(born-again christians) and ex-jw's think that they can do a better job at preaching the gospel/good news to the public? Than what?

  • whyizit

    Personally, I think there is a fear on both sides. BAC are afraid of being decieved by JWs. JWs are afraid of BAC for the same reason.

    I don't think you can accurately say that BAC's do not reach people door to door. There is more than one way to preach door to door. As JWs often point out, today's society can be wicked and dangerous. Many people will not open their doors to strangers, so the gospel has to be brought to them in alternative ways. (Television, Radio, Mail, Phone, Computer, etc...) The gospel was also preached in temples and public areas (I think in Acts 17). Are we to say it wasn't done correctly, because a different method was employed in those instances?

    Rarely do I ever hear any of my BAC friends say anything at all negative about JWs. Usually they commend them for certain aspects, even if they don't agree with their beliefs. My JW friends, on the other hand, take every opportunity to bash any religion other than their own. They have NOTHING good to say about them. They over look the many good things that other religions are doing. (Charity work, etc...) They know all about the history of other religions and why they are so wrong. But they know precious little about their own. If you look in to the history and beginnings of the WTS, you may understand better why Christians are leary of JWs.

    BAC's don't spend near the time bashing JWs as the WTS would have you believe. I have been in many churches and the subject of the WTS rarely comes up. When it does, it is usually because a frantic and confused relative has been cut off from their JW loved one. I have not had one conversation yet with my JW friends in which they have not made it a point to hatefully slam some other religion, however.

    This is just an observation from my point of view. I am not a JW and never have been. I don't hate JWs. I do question how they can spend so much time studying other religions with out giving much thought to looking deeper in to the history of their own, though.

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