JWs: Saying One Thing But Doing Another

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  • minimus

    JWs say to do RESEARCH in Society publications and the Bible but when you do research and see something that doesn't make sense that is being taught, and you question it----you are told NOT to research and leave things in Jehovah's hands so that he can help you to understand things according to His will. If you research or even READ an older publication printed by "The Slave", and you express that there is a different thought or viewpoint or even a "flip-flop" in understanding, you will be counseled to keep such observations to yourself.

    Have you seen examples of JWs telling you to do one thing but in reality doing just the opposite?

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Uh . . .yeah. Everyone at this board is an example of that.

  • minimus

    Madame, care to elaborate?

  • seek2find

    Maximus, This is a good question and one that I think lurkers and doubters need to really think about. They (the Society) like to encourage people to research there on Religion, but only if it's another one besides being a witness. In that case (DON'T DO ANY RESEARCH!! trust everything and doubt nothing). Then again there is the counsel to always speak the truth.... Unless your a parent involved in a child custody issue, or if you're an elder on the witness stand and are ask if there is a child custody packet or if ... Oh well you get my drift. It's OK not to be truthfull ONLY if not doing so will make the Orginization look better. Double standards are one of my biggest pet-peeves. seek2find

  • greendawn

    They were telling me that all the anointed were part of the FDS and all contributed to feeding the flock its meat in due season. It finally turns out that only the GB and their closely associated non anointed were preparing the "food" and the rest of the anointed were banned from having any say or power in the org. It is a very centralised and dictatorial org.

  • minimus

    According to the Watchtower, you CAN vote. BUT if you do, you willhave disassociated yourself.

  • greendawn

    That's a clever legalistic ploy also used in the blood issue, you can take blood but you will be considered DAed. Since the treatment of the DAed is exactly the same as for the DFed what's the difference? Perhaps this is the trick they played with the Bulgarian government. Change the name but not the substance.

  • restrangled

    Minimus I don't know if this applies but seems to.

    My mother, after 1975 vowed she would never take the society on just their "word" ever again.

    Fast forward 26 years to 2006. After I informed her of the WBTS and the NGO connection she was outraged. Sadly, I also told her of their excuse about the library deal,and then added that we joined the YMCA for use of the pool and fitness equipment. trying to show the same reasoning. She thought about it for 2 days and looked up the WBTS's viewpoint and suddenly was able to come to terms with the whole thing.

    Too many years of indoctrination......YMCA...Catholic connected, NGO not based on religion. No further research or questioning needed.

    End of story.

    My father would have been outraged. Wish he was alive to have heard about this.


  • OnTheWayOut

    Alright, I will try to explain (with sarcasm) how they don't SAY ONE THING BUT DO ANOTHER.

    They say to do research, but only read things in THEIR publications. Research is supposed
    to support the current light on doctrine. What this means is "DO research by reading everything
    that explains current light, and how it was arrived at, don't question any of it, don't go off researching
    the scriptures cited in the research. You might be tempted to say how it really doesn't apply. Just
    meditate on how it MUST apply because the GB said so.

    You have been told to read older publications in the past, but only so you can do as I stated above. If the
    doctrine has changed on a subject, then disregard the advice. GB says "We will extract the necessary
    quotes out of older publications to prove that we were right all along. No need to dig past articles out."
    The newest light is that older publications are those on your CD-ROM, and primarily those printed in the
    last 10 years. Light older than 10 to 12 years old tends to be needing a new bulb, anyway.

    Examination of your religion is only for the new student coming out of a different religion. You JW's all
    did that already- SO STOP.

    Any problems you have- they are a sign of how either a) you are spiritually weak or b) you are serving
    Jehovah correctly and Satan is attacking you. Instead of trying to figure out which, just assume you are
    spiritually weak and need to go out in service more and go to more meetings and assemblies. If it happens
    to be the second one (b), the advice will only make you stronger.

  • pixel

    I can't comprehend, and never will, how are we suppose to "test" the things that they (the WT) teach us if we are supposed to read only their books and other wordly book that they feel comfortable with.

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