JWs: Saying One Thing But Doing Another

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  • Confession

    Righto. Why did Paul at Hebrews 5:14 say that “mature people” would “through use” have their perceptive powers trained to distinguish both right and wrong,” if in reality we are to subject what we consider to only that which is approved by a body of men?

  • minimus

    Since the scripture says "Abstain from blood", it MEANS just that! Yet blood "fractions" are permissible!

    "Pour the blood on the ground" means (somehow) that you can't take your own blood, store it and transfuse back into you. And you can't give donor blood. BUT you can take somebody else's blood (fractions).

  • Confession


    There once was a strict rule on blood

    Transfusions, oh no, not a lick

    Till the press started slinging some mud

    And now for a magical trick!

    Seems Bethel took actions, now we can take fractions

    Yes fractions until we turn puce

    Whole blood is the pits, so take it in bits

    Just not all at once, it’s “The Truth!”

    It’s the Truth, it’s the Truth!

    It is absolute

    So many are dead in the grave

    It’s the Truth, it’s the Truth!

    The dead are now mute

    "The Truth" from the Faithful Wise Slave!

    From http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/25/116628/1.ashx

  • minimus

    good one!!!

    Smoking was a disfellowshipping offense intially because it was connected to "spiritism" or "Pharmakia", "druggery". Because itis the stupidest stretch to say that, it's a df'ing offense because it's "uncleanness".

  • OnTheWayOut
    I can't comprehend, and never will, how are we suppose to "test" the things that they (the WT)
    teach us if we are supposed to read only their books and other wordly book that they feel comfortable with.

    Did we forget to mention to you that while you were first studying the piles of literature we left
    with you initially, that you could have gone to the library and learned all about the truth from the
    quotes in our literature? Or you could have found books that the rest of Christianity accept, that
    would explain our beliefs for the nonsense they are? You should have googled us (if you joined
    recently- too bad if it was more than 10, 12 years ago). You should have asked around. We
    expected that it was alot of work to do all that, and you wouldn't do it. That damned internet is
    making it easier, we'll tell you now that it's evil and dangerous, you should have looked before.

    Now, you gave your oath of dedication to the WT organization. You can't go back on your word
    unless you don't mind family members never speaking to you, thinking that you are from the

    Testing the things they teach us means- read the WT literature and attend meetings until you
    totally agree with this crap or until you forgot the questions you had.

  • minimus

    Witnesses say they are "the happiest people on earth"! They are NOT. They say they are "no part of the world". Yet they involve themselves with the UN. They are no part of false religion yet they associate with interfaith assemblies.

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Sorry if I seemed flippant to your question earlier, minimus; I was in a hurry to get off to work, after once again procrastinating at this board half the day.

    Anyhoo, you asked,"Have you seen examples of JWs telling you to do one thing but in reality doing just the opposite?"

    I mistakenly replied, ". . . everyone at this board" because I did not read the question carefully. I did not mean to insult "everyone at this board."

    What I meant is that most everyone here is or was questioning the Society, something it condemns and that is how many of us simply decided it wasn't the truth - by doing the initially hypocritical/disallowed thing - questioning.

    I did not realize your question referred to the hypocrisy of the Watchtower policies. Some very good points are made here, btw, esp. re. the blood fractions issue. That is such a crazy crock of u know what.

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    My younger sister who is still a jw imploringly told me a few years back that if only I would open my mind and research it, I would be sure to come to the same conclusions she did - that it was the truth.

    It was really hard not to roll my eyes at her, thinking about the depth of her "research," which I know full well involved reading Watchtower literature and parroting everything it says. Been there, done that.

    I wish there was a word for the exact opposite of research. Whatever that word is, that's exactly what she did. Saying one thing, doing another. Plagiarism is almost the word, but not quite right . . . hmmm . . . now where's that thesaurus?

  • moshe

    JW's say that preaching the Good News is a life saving work, BUT they go out of their way to avoid talking to people. They go out in service when people aren't home, continue to waste time on return visits with lonely people who want company and a free maagazine- good for 30 minutes service time- and no stress. They could easily talk to millions of people through radio, TV and the Internet. But no-oo, this is a life saving work, the end is so close and we will just continue knocking on a few doors each week and most of them are not -at-homes.

  • Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit
    Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit

    THE single funniest damn thing on earth - I read the jingle/rhyme inserted by Confession. I may never read anything else again.

    I am emailing it to my JW family, they love to send me little snippets of stupidity forwarded around by other Hohos.


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