I woke myself up last night screaming "Jehovah"

by ButtLight 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • Crumpet

    Ross - very funny joke! But obviously I hadnt seen this post of yours. So I was just texting you back to say angrily "Ross - did you actually read my post this morning you bastard?" And then I thought actually, knowing him he probably has and this is his evil way of making me laugh and then I checked!

    Nice one - you make me laugh, make me mad and make me laugh again all in the space of a minute! LOL!

    (OH for the record Mr C has never spoken to a Thai girl and nor will he if I have anything to do with it!)

    (PS paragraph 2 is not a dream - that is the part that was real and probably made me have the dream because god knows I never had no spicey foods or beans before bed!)

  • LittleToe

    Maybe you should introduce him to such a nice Thai "girl" as a parting present

  • kid-A

    "Well in my dream Mr C was doing a movie of him having sex with a Thai girl"

    I have the same dream every time I eat Pad Thai or Thom Gai soup after 9 pm....

  • LtCmd.Lore

    Well one time I had this dream that a big tough looking angel came to execute me at night. So I yelled "SATAN! HELP ME!" then I woke up....

    By the way, I'm kidding, I don't believe in angels.

  • Crumpet
    Maybe you should introduce him to such a nice Thai "girl" as a parting present

    Little Toe - Yes I told him this and yes he was thrilled with the idea AND he likes your sense of humour - its not unlike his own - sick, twisted and misogynistic. Do you know what? He probably would be really happy with someone cute and sexy who doesn't talk back and loves cleaning. he only gets 2 out of 4 with me which is why I am so dumped. of course if he did I would be insanely jealous and have to wreak revenge by seducing her! I mean, I could do with someone who is cute, sexy, doesnt talk back and loves cleaning in my life right now!

  • Gill

    ((((((( Crumpet )))))))) You are funny!

    I think it's time to get Mr C out of your life and out of your mind!

    A few years ago, my husband had threatened to leave and even the threatening sent me to pieces. However, I learnt from that day that I did not want to go to pieces if he did decided to get up and leave and I did this by being more selfish, and realising, that I could still 'pull' and easily if I wanted to, (which I don't) One of the things he told me was that as I had five kids, no one else would want me. However, I and he discovered this was not the case after a few nights out, and going to places where we took kids as well. He soon discovered JEALOUSY and he didn't like it. But I learnt, that I would no longer be little wifey, as much as I love him and I also realised if he decided to do a runner in the words of the famous song 'I WILL SURVIVE!' Doesn't matter how bad the pain might be at rejection I would get up and go on! This has made the relationship stronger. I do not fawn after him, and he has been made to realise how lucky HE is!!

    So, onwards and upwards, Crumpet!

    There are many more fish in the sea, and some taste much better than the mingy one that just got away!

    I want to hear you woke up smiling and laughing, and not screaming like Buttlight!! (And certainly no screaming Jehovah, .....please!)

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