I woke myself up last night screaming "Jehovah"

by ButtLight 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • Crumpet
    Knowing how hairy your dad's chest is, it's no wonder you dreamed that - LOL.
    Luckily you didn't inherit that gene

    Little Toe you are an absolute beast, but possibly you have a point!

  • Synergy

    I have cult dreams all the time of my life growing up. Demon dreams are something different though. I've had them and I cast them off in Jesus name now.

  • ButtLight
    I've had them and I cast them off in Jesus name now.

    I would cast those suckers off in anybodys name, so long as it works!

    Do you think I could cast them off in the name of budlight?

  • stillajwexelder

    actually that is quite scary - now if you told us you had just had sex and woke up screaming "Oh My God" that would make sense

  • Rooster

    Hey Buttlight did the demons show back up last night?

  • trevor

    Yeah- ButtLight

    Your post reminded me of the demon dreams and calling out ‘Jehovah’ for protection. My parents lent me a walking stick to keep under the bed to fight of the demons with. They later decided it Was demonised and destroyed it!

    One day about 20 years ago, I decided that the whole concept was nonsense and cleared my mind of the garbage it had been filled with. I have not had a ‘scream dream’ since.

  • Xena

    Weird, same night I had a demon/Jehovah rescue me dream. Haven't had one of those in years!

  • Crumpet

    I just woke myself after a nightfull of bad dreams with jaw ache. Trouble is when I woke up the main gist of my nightmares was real. In another thread which I cant find now I and someone else talked about a recurrent dream where people in it who are close to us treat us abysmally and just do not care. Well in my dream Mr C was doing a movie of him having sex with a Thai girl - when I protested distraught as it all feels so real in th dream he just ignored me and carried on. And told me to stop being ridiculous and letting my emotions get the better of me.

    Okay so the whole Thai girl movie sex incident wasnt happening when I woke up. But last night after waiting two days for him to return my calls and emails I finally got through and I told him that I hadnt in fact gone to my friend's leaving party last night because I was too upset because I thought I must have done something for him not to be talking to me or answering my calls. And he said I should just get a grip. I asked if he couldn't appreciate that even if this is no big deal for him, that breaking up and moving out after 9 years is quite a senstive time for me. I explained I have only been gone 2 weeks and the reality of he situation is only just beginning to make itself felt. And he told me that I shouldnt let my emotions rule my life. Why am I so surprised - he showed no evidence of any emotion in 9 years except for his daughter? It just hurts that he can't be a bit kinder when he says he has just been too busy to ring me back. Busy includes being out drinking with work mates til the small hours fairly regularly. So that conversation was a great consolation! Great!

    This is why I watch horror movies - in the hope that I will see something that can make me more afraid of something else so that I can have dreams and nightmares not based on my real life!!

  • Crumpet

    ( oh and apologies to dear Butty for hijacking her nightmares with mine - but guess what I can't start my own topic for another 12 hours or something!)

  • LittleToe

    Crumpet:Was all of your post a dream, or some of it real life? If so your ex sounds like a real jerk, whom you should be glad to see the back of.

    Hearing mention of a Thai girl reminds me of a TXT message that I got sent. I'll forward it to you, Crumpet, as it's far too naughty to post here

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