My Story: They called the cops on me!

by EnlightenedMind 59 Replies latest jw experiences

  • OnTheWayOut

    Thanks for your powerful story. At least you woke up and at least
    most of the family realizes the extremes in the doctrine- and didn't
    shun you. I am happy they allowed you to live in their home with
    a child- and I am thrilled that you recognize the danger of the cult
    to your child. Good story.

  • Dismembered

    Greetings EnlightenedMind ,

    Welcome to the JWD forum. Your post was exceptional! You explain yourself well. Your story is like so many here. Saddening and angering many here I'm sure. It reminded me of my sons wedding, where I had to tell his oldest brother that he too, could not go to the reception. (He and his wife drove 6 hours) In retrospect, I doubt I'll ever get over doing that to him. It was dead wrong.

    Cheer to you. Thanks for sharing


  • juni

    Welcome to the forum enlightenedmind !

    Another very sad story, but here you are among friends who I know will be a continual support for you when you need it. I look forward to your future postings.



  • mama1119

    Wow! What a story.Thanks for sharing with us and welcome to the board!!!

  • 30girl

    Enlightened - Welcome to the forum, your story was so familiar. I too have been pulled aside a time or two and sat through the painful process in front of both of my parents while my mother kicked the back of my chair every time I didn't respond the way she thought I "should" respond. We come from familiar backgrounds, all of us, the landscape is horrifyingly familiar where ever you go for a reason, so you know and recognize your "place". The last time my brother was in town he didn't call to tell me he was going to be in town and I didn't see him. I guess I find his behavior particularly odd since it was my husband and I that sheltered him in our home for years when his sham of a witness marriage fell apart, it was my husband and I that have always reached out to help my siblings. Maybe time will end their own miserable sentences in this cult, it's what I hold out hope for. Welcome and cheers - you're among friends. 30girl aka Carrie

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff


    What 'a witness was given' at your Brother's reception. Things like this are painful - but if the dubs ever thought about the 'shock waves' that such hate causes to ripple their little paradise, they might change it - that is if they were not a cult they would. I hope there have been many stories told and re-told about that by those 'worldly' relatives. All for the good. The jw's soured a big pot when they pissed in it.

    Welcome to the forum.


  • sandy
    (I know my favorite part of the meeting was the Announcements part, so I could find out who was being reproved or disfellowshipped, and I could speculate about what they’d done… I know, so sick).

    That is funny . . . I like your honesty.

    I enjoyed your story too. I'm very happy that you got out at such an early age and went to college. Good for you!

  • PEC

    Welcome, EnlightenedMind.


  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Welcome, Enlightened Mind! I am glad that you have taken control of your life and moved on after such an awful start in an abusive home. You deserve to be happy; congratulations on keeping your composure in such an awful situation (your brother's wedding).

  • hamsterbait

    Enlightened -


    I was exactly the same when i first found this site. Colleagues started to ask if I Had seen the Doctor I had huge bags under my eyes from reading until i was practically asleep!!

    Your story is so familiar in many creepy ways, so I am just like "yet another testimony to the same..."

    We are all here for you, and will give love with no strings attached.

    I can say that with all confidence, because that is how i was treated from the first day i came here.



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