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  • Gayle

    I think most JWs will be happy not to be offering the WT with those "study articles", I think most don't talk about those articles at the door anyway, I rarely did, I sensed none of those articles would be interesting to the public anyway so I usually talked briefly using an Awake article (maybe something about health or general (negative) world conditions.) I think the "mid-month" WT will be used to keep away from the public (& "apostates") to be more heavy-handed, controlling to existing JWs and they may try to enforce anyone there to not give any of that literature to anyone else and definitely not put up on the Internet (for us to get :).

  • truthsetsonefree
    Another way to look at this, is that the GB know that WT study articles are boring, stupid, and do not appeal to the public. So, they would rather issue one that presents their marketing image, and then one that they use to inculacate (indoctrinate) the JWs with their nonsense. Kind of like the Pied Piper who enticed children with his candy and charm, and then once inside the walls of Candyland, the slavery and abuse begin. (Believe me, those study articles are mental abuse ... as they are unfounded, boring, nonsense that numbs the mind and reduces the reader to a mind-numbed robot.)

    Thats it....


  • yaddayadda

    We are now definitely seeing a general contraction of operations by the WTS, all resulting from the general decline in the western world of the JW preaching activity and publisher stats. Stats are down in much of the western world and it is most unlikely to reverse. Thus the money is just not coming in anymore and printing so many magazines that no one wants to offer on the doors or read cannot be justified any longer.

    The change makes complete sense for a number of reasons, and as I mentioned a few days ago, it is a wonder they havn't done it sooner. It makes sense financially, it makes sense for the rank and file, and it makes sense for the consuming public. It make sense financially for the simple reason that instead of 2 printing runs of the the Watchtower at so many tens of millions each printing run, this has been slashed to 1 printing one for the 'public' version with an additional, much smaller printing run of the 'study' version for a few million dubbies. The cost-savings are obvious. It makes sense for the publishers for a number of reasons: enthusiasm for offering the Watchtower on the doors has been low for many years on the part of the publishers because the strictly religious and more esoterical/specialised content of the Watchtower is not catered to today's increasingly secularized society and much of the content is pitched strictly at JW's via the study articles, so a Watchtower that offers more basic spiritual 'food' to the public, discussing more simple bible 'truths' is going to make the door-to-door work easier for the dubs; the publishers can now focus their energies on prepararing magazine presentations for just two magazines a month now, instead of four (this will simplify some Service Meeting parts also). It makes sense for the interested public also, since they will no longer have to read all the 'weird' study articles and can read more about basic teachings of the Watchtower Society - expect the new 'public' Watchtower version to contain a lot more on subjects such as the condition of the dead, etc.

    On this basis, I think it is clearly only a matter of time, as has been predicted, until the Awake magazine disappears altogether. But it will likely not happen for a number of years yet, probably at least five. There seems little justification for continuing with the Awake (with its utterly trivial articles on such things as dog grooming, how soap is made, on animals and plants, Japanese cuisine and crap like this) if the new 'public' version of the Watchtower is going to emphasize more basic bible teachings to the public. The Awake is nothing but a pseudo Readers Digest and is obviously a complete waste of time and money (some would say that about every JW publication LOL).

    I confidently predict that the next big change on the horizon will be a significant change to the meetings, most probably a shift of the bookstudy from week nights to a Saturday morning condensed version. This change will come because weeknight meeting attendance is clearly diminishing at the rate of knots in the Western world.

    As we know, there is tremendous psychological pressure (peer pressure) on JW's to attend EVERY meeting. Shifting the bookstudy to a Saturday morning, before field service, may put pressure on the slackers to get out on FS more, even if only for one hour. The new version bookstudy would be a half-hour to 40 minute version (no reading of paragraphs) to be followed by magazine presentation demonstrations before everyone heads out into the 'magazine work'. This would most probably boost the Saturday morning 'magazine work' activity. It would make sense for the Society to bring in such a change in 2008 to coincide with the renewed emphasis on offering magazines that will accompany the change to the Watchtower in January 2008.

    You heard it from me first.

  • zack

    I just love this board! The people on here ANTICIPATE the moves of Bethel in a way that would make the average JW cringe. They still believe in the Wizard. If they

    saw the whole thing as a business, they could anticipate the moves as well. I feel sorry for so many, who like me for so long, actually beleived it was the troof.

    This change is going to be just one more nail in the coffin of one more false religion, just as it should be. Judge Rutherford was right:

    RELIGION IS A SNARE AND A RACKET! The WTS has the racket part down to a science.


  • Gordy

    Will it mean that the "JW only" issue of the 15th will have four study articles in it to cover the coming month.

    Will articles in it be used in the service meeting?

    Bound volumes ...will they just do a bound volume for just the "JW only" issue or one that contains both issues.

  • SirNose586

    UPDATE: I have good news and I have bad news.

    The good news is, I have the letter in my possession and the PO is none the wiser.

    The bad news is that I can't find a camera to take a picture of it. I have a fax-style scanner. I could scan it later, or fax it to someone if I were given a number. But I can't find my sister's camera to take a picture of it...

  • jayhawk1

    Do you know how they will make this new Watchtower arrangement make sense?

    Who here remembers Spiritual Milk and Spiritual Meat?

    Spiritual Milk = Public Watchtower

    Spiritual Meat = Members Only Watchtower

  • Jeffro

    This change seems a little bit culty. The study articles will only go to members, which means those issues can much more freely denigrate religions, the UN, 'apostates', and 'the world' in general, which may not be very appealing to non-members. But the most likely driver for the change is cost-cutting for the much smaller distribution of the study articles.

  • lisavegas420

    I posted this in another thead, but I got this from a repenting JW.

    They read a letter at my meeting tonight about this. I am always amazed at the wisdom that Jehovah's Organization uses in their decisions. There are so many I can remember. This one does not let me down. The bit that I caught from the letter is that this way the 15th WT can use term used by JWs. Not commonly known by the public. Such as "Pioneer", "Anointed", "Other Sheep", ect. I'm speculating, but I would assume also ideas not commonly known by the general public. Jesus set an example of this by the way. Many times he would speak with the public, but then later explain more fully to his close disciples the deeper things. If you take the time to have JWs answer your questions, not here on Youtube. They are encouraged not to participate in this form of preaching. It's very difficult to know who you are speaking with (Lonelygirl15). I've found 2 explicit examples of exJWs hiding who they are to deceive others. Perhaps in the future they will have researched this further and will change their recommendations. Until I see it, I am limiting my use of Youtube to other activities. That Zack21 guy is pretty interesting. I'm thinking about getting a dog for my son. I might get the type he has and use his suggestions on how to train him.

    PS have you noticed the subscribers the athiests have here on Youtube? 1500+, I've had an interesting convo. w/ theBoringdispatcher & ZenArcher too. I am shocked how fast things are going on to fulfill Bible prophecy of stomping out false religion. Just last night I was watching CNN, like usual they were on top of bashing false religion. Ask JWs about this, I've been waiting for this, when many said it would never happen. This seems to be changing. BRING IT ON!!!

    Warm Regards,
    Jeff ExJW Repenting!!! Right Now!!!


  • core

    So - they expect to be around in 2008 (must be one of the few years they did not expect to have the Big A) Magazine distribution slashed - good way to cover over falling distribution anyway - as the accountants say - when the figures don't help, change the way you use figures as a basis for comparison
    Layoffs now due in printing / writing / support / translation etc etc - soon be down to emailing the study article to the remaining few faithful ones - all reassigned to the field to distribute less of the magazines !!
    Jehovah is doubtless blessing this reduction in output - the change prompted by falling numbers and rising costs so he must really be blessing them - I see politicians here on TV turn any disaster into a victory as they squirm and lie freely, avoiding the question, well the WT can put a good gloss on just about anything - would be fun at the study for the annual report --WT conductor -"would someone like to comment on Magazine Distribution last year?"- "Yes please Sister Misled -" Sister Misled - " it not just thrilling to see Jehovah's hand in the report - World Wide we reported a 50% drop in Magazine numbers - are we not blessed to be in the spiritual paradise......." - at which point we should leave the study to the confused and the condemned
    They could crawl under a snakes belly, wrestled custard and plait fog Good to see them prosper!

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