Hilarious video on YouTube !! - "I Love Pioneering"

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  • pobthespazz

    Sick, evil, even slightly perverted , strange accent as well (who was the narrator) just goes to show that the WTs is an evil, money grabbing , publishing company was not very comfortable with it..........

  • xjwms

    Oh, ... GAWD

    Come-on now, ..... I was waiting for the ...... Hilarious


  • rebel8
    the way they finally find a child at home

    Good point. Not to mention they are opening themselves to pedophilia accusations, we were told in pioneer school to never talk to kids w/o their parents' permission because the Bible says that is the parents' discretion--it's not up to strangers to take on the task of teaching someone else's kids.

    Here's to hoping someone who knows how to edit animation goes in there and adds a scene about the preachers being pedophiles, and having found a child alone, they were happy.

    PS-Does anyone know how You Tube comments work? I always try to post comments by clicking the link that says, of all things, "post a text comment". I do it and although I get an acknowledgement that my comment was posted, it never appears.

    PSS-Check out the gag me with a spoon video here too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxcbCWad6k8 The kh scene was a little too realistic for me.

  • free2beme

    That seems to show up on this board, about once a week as something we think is new.

  • wiegel

    heathan - roger that!

  • proplog2

    The little child is not home alone. The child receives an approving pat on the head by what is probably a parent, guardian or baby sitter.

    Those who ridicule this are petty. Bunch of pathetic haters.

    The claymation wasn't done for the entertainment of the general public nor was it even made for a wide JW audience.

    It isn't any worse than the sewer water that spills over from your TV's every minute of the day.

  • proplog2

    Proof that the little girl wasn't home alone - fast forward to 5 minutes 8 seconds.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    What I saw in it was the distain and ridicule the person or persons who made this feel for their neighbors who don't want to become one of them. "Now Saturday is a day of rest even if you are not a Jew." "The crazy things people say I'm a Catholic" Saying you are busy or don't have time is considered crazy by this person. A couple of nice digs at other religions there. Also unless something has changed they aren't even supposed to be on the internet.

  • wednesday

    reminds me of the "happy " Walgreens commercial.

  • skyking

    I was having a pretty good night until I watched that.

    Thanks a lot, now let me barf.

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