Hilarious video on YouTube !! - "I Love Pioneering"

by dorayakii 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • tijkmo

    i read somewhere that this was made in bethel for their yearly 'talent' show.....(well it beats actually going out in service eh..wonder if they reported their time..must have taken hours)

    anyway i sent the link to my sis for her to show to her kids...and they watched it and liked it

    then they went to watch it again and it had a message saying that the video had been removed due to copyright issues.

    which made me think...the only people that could have objected must be the wts...presumably because it was made on their premises by their workers..

    but this is unlikely ever to be released by them...and yet is far likely to have a positive impact to jw kids than the vids they do release.

    talk about counter productive..

    anyway it seems to have resurfaced with a different title so save it while you can if you feel so inclined

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