Have got myself in a bit of trouble

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  • greendawn

    With the JWs you are straight back to the Victorian age they are still holding on to some very old habits that the rest of society abandoned 40 years ago.

  • orbison11

    the audicity (sp) of that father and possibly the elders

    i would go to the ministry of children's services and speak with them about this father who would rather his young daughter walk 30 min in the dark alone than have a family aquaitance give her a lift as they were driving by


  • Stealth453

    The daughter should never have been out walking alone, and the father should go outside and play "hide and go F*** himself".

    You did the right thing in my books.

  • agapa37

    I wouldn't worry to much about it. I can only go on what you told us, and from what i hear you were being brotherly. You know, you could ask the brother if he would have rathered someone else drive her home, like a rapist or murderer!

  • Mary

    What an ungrateful swine her father is. If the elders say anything to you, I'd ask him why he was letting his 13 year old daughter walk home in the dark. Jerk.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Regardless of what happens, go out of your way to say to the fellow:
    "If it is every pouring rain or your daughter is in some kind of distress
    like her car being broken down when she starts driving, I will stop by,
    crack the window, and explain your request to refrain from helping

    Otherwise, the Bible doesn't command chaperones, the WTS cannot
    insist on them, but the cong. will consider you to be "not a good example"
    if you don't have one while dating. As far as giving a ride home, the general
    counsel is to not make a habit of isolating yourself with the opposite sex in
    situations like the one you described- if the two of you were up to no good,
    you could make a habit to pass by while she was walking, give a ride so that
    you could talk alone or get into trouble together.

    I would just explain yourself straight forward, and be grateful that they will
    resent your good deed as a "not good example."

  • AuldSoul

    I agree, agapa37. It is very possible the father will get counseled if he tries to press the issue in this case. But it entirely depends on the sensibilities of the BOE/Circuit Overseer.


    You might want to be prepared to discuss the illustration of the Samaritan who helped when so many of the man's own people avoided giving aid. How could you be challenged and questioned for giving aid? Also, Jesus was alone with the woman at the well. For some time, it seems.

    Rule oriented organizations tend to look for rules. Adherents tend to create rules and enforce these rules on others.

    Ethical people, Christian or otherwise, are not prone to rule oriented behavior but do what seems circumstantially right because it seems right; they have no need to check with anyone or with any publications, nor do they feel constrained in their conduct by the opinions of others. Of course, since the child is underage it would be appropriate to show due regard in the future for her father's idiocy perspective on the matter.

    If the elders take up his torch I would stick with the following: "It seemed appropriate to me at the time. I did not want any harm to come to her. Since her father has made clear that he feels it was inappropriate I will respect his wishes on the matter in future."


  • becca1

    You did the decent thing by not letting her walk home alone. You did nothing wrong. Tell your dad and tell your brother so the don't get blindsided by other elders. Explain that you were just being a gentleman but that next time you will just let her walk home.

  • proplog2

    Where the hell are the angels? I thought they chaperoned. If you aren't afraid of the angels watching you its pretty easy to ditch a chaperone.

    Billy Graham was so cautious that he wouldn't even ride an elevator alone with a woman.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Here is the real question. You say the girl is 13/14, according to your bio your nearly 21. If the father feels that you would violate his 13/14 year old girl, being 21, what does that say about his beliefs?

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