Im so angry right now

by Es 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • juni

    Hi ES!

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss and the way Dad has been treating you and the family.

    I enjoyed looking at your family album. What a beautiful family! And Kaia is getting sooo big! Your children are so cute. And Blake looks so proud of his little sister.

    Love to you and yours and a big hug for you.


  • Es

    Thanks Juni, big hugs right back at you,

    Glad you liked the album, yeah she is so big now it just goes so fast.

    Luv ya


  • IronClaw

    I am sorry for your loss ES. That's just goes to show you how far Mind Control can go. Its really sad isn't it. I am currently taking care of my mom who now has been living with me and my JW family. She is also a JW, but because of health reasons, has not gone to very many meetings. No visits from the elders at ALL. Even during the day while I am at work no one comes to visit her. Anyway someday I know I will lose her due to old age (she's 81) or her illness. The shit will really hit the fan then. I will not hold back anything. God help the 1st elder who tries and talk to me then. Their gonna get both barrels. Hang in there ES, We all know how you feel and are getting treated. Just know that all of us here on the board care.

    The Claw.

  • sass_my_frass

    Sorry about your great uncle, Es. Hopefully you'll get to the funeral and be able to say your goodbyes in peace.

    Kudos for you and Mr Es' restraint in dealing with them. Every piece of contact now makes me want to puke, so I'm learning to avoid it.

  • zagor

    I'm really sorry to hear that Es. You are an awesome person, and you certainly do not deserve to be treated that way. And I suppose he doesn't have immediate plans to interrupt his holidays in NZ either??!! hmmm

    p.s.I'm in NZ right now wish I knew where he's staying, he'd be either doing bungee jump for a helicopter or flying back to see you. ;)

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