2007 DC "Follow the Christ" Locations Available

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  • blondie

    I finally got the list for the US and Canada. I can't say which one your relatives or "friends" are going to but I can tell you what the sites are. I notice they are not posted yet on the www.jw-media.org website.

    Many did not get their March 1, 2007, WTs in US congregations until this week because the site of their convention had not been announced at the congregation level.

    There are several English conventions being held at the Newburgh, NY Assembly Hall and the Queens, NY Assembly Hall as well as at the West Palm Beach, FL Assembly Hall. It seems that more and more conventions are being held in WT/JW owned facilities.

    Many I know are going to places other than the assigned site. Disobedient trend?


  • sspo
    Blondie Many I know are going to places other than the assigned site. Disobedient trend?

    Could it be that they cannot stand being with their own congregation and need a break?

  • blondie

    Good thought, sspo. Also, I think the accommodations are better at the other one. Several mentioned the first time the venue was changed that the hotels were ratty, bug-infested, and far away from the convention site.

    I can see that some cannot no longer drive every day or take a bus since the site is too far away...lots of whining then. Probably will be told at least they don't have to walk 40 miles one way through crocodile infested waters.


  • Sam Beli
    Sam Beli


    Can you give us the dates for the West Palm Beach DC?



  • free2beme

    I guess the world did not end, like they promised at last years convention and each one before that. Keep on trucking.

  • gcc2k

    District conventions in Newburgh? Must be foreign language? Either that, or they are having trouble booking the large sites like Nassau Coliseum. I've always noticed that many people go to other locations. In (my former congo) the ones looking for a leg up would always where they were assigned, so they could help with setup, etc. But most other "normal" JWs combine their trip with a vacation, or split up the convention dates so they won't go broke.

  • Stealth453

    Does this mean that the borg now considers itself "christ"?

  • silentWatcher

    any in rochester, ny? At the Blue Cross arena I presume. thanks, silent

  • jayhawk1
    Many I know are going to places other than the assigned site. Disobedient trend?

    Or could they be saying, "I'm going to the District Convention at ____________." and not go at all?

  • Gordy

    Anyone know when the conventions for Britain are? Especially Manchester

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