Is there a DF cut off point

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  • fringe dweller
    fringe dweller

    Does anyone know if there is a set time period after which a baptised witness, who has ceased attending meetings or having any association with the congregation, can begin living openly as a non-witness (living with a partner while not married) without incurring the punishment of disfellowhipping? If so, can you direct me to printed 'proof' of the WTS edict in this regard. I completely withdrew from the Society about 6 years ago and have left the town I lived in whilst I was active, but I have family members who are still Witnesses and I don't want to risk being formally 'banned' from associating with them on the rare occasions that we see each other.

  • Rooster

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    One of my aunts stopped going 20 years ago and the elders from her old hall hunted her down & difellowshipped her about two years ago.

  • Crumpet

    As far as I am aware there is no written cut off point. Basically if you are no longer considered or remembered by anyone in your local community as a JW then you should not be hunted down and ten years seem to be an appropriate time for this. However there are many instances of longer periods than this elapsing and elders coming for these ones.

    If your family do not report you and you live away from your ex congregations catchment area then you have a very good chance fo getting away with it, BUT if you go to any JW social events ever again then do beware.

  • rebel8

    No, there isn't.

    There is proof in the wt's elders handgook, Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock. I don't know where it's online these days, but I'm sure you can find it by Googling the title.

  • jaguarbass

    . Given that the society likes to employ the use of the mighty strobe light on things there is no telling the answer to your question. You are asking a specific. The magazine company is not in business to make your life easy or to show compassion on a former literature salesman who has gone awol. At this point it is necesarry for you to live a dual life. The life you want to live. And the life that you will show your family members on the rare occasions you meet up with them. Printed proff will only help you if it appears in the current months eddition of the Watchtower. Policies of the sort you are looking for are subject to change at a moments notice and are most likely subject to the whims and wishes of your local body of elders. The specific information you are looking for is most likely in the recent watchtower article giving the exact month, date, and hour of the beginning of the start of the most currently predicted battle of Armageddon.

  • MadTiger

    Yeah, unless you DA, then there is no statute of limitations, so to speak.

  • Crumpet
    The magazine company is not in business to make your life easy or to show compassion on a former literature salesman who has gone awol.

    So well put jaguarbass!

  • helncon

    Hi Fringe Dweller,

    I thought there was no time limit but i was wrong i too had left the WTS ceasing meetings and moving towns thinking this was the best way then i moved back 6 years later and within the 12 months of being back i had elders on my doorstep asking what was going on in my life to my suprise i got DF (i was living with a partner not married) i was so shocked that they could even do this, my dad even went to the CO to get it all sorted out as i hadn't been a active JW for such a long time and they still managed to do it.

    I thik if they want to do it they just will and no matter how much you show them what they have written and argue with them they will say that you are apostate and DF you for that.

    But good luck in trying to stop this from happening.

    I wished that i had found JWD a that time it may have helped.

    Also go to and look in the DF section that might be some help.


  • sspo

    The only way out is to move where no one knows who you are, even then a family member can turn you in for

    apostasy or whatever, the old congr. can still deal with you over the phone.

    It all depends on the elders and and the exent of wanting to keep the organization"clean"

    If you find a successful way please let me know.

  • Honesty

    There is only one way to leave the Watchtower Society and be off their radar screen... DIE.

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