WTBTS money making for who?

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  • Junction-Guy

    That is one of my goals, to find out who is backing the WTS and vice versa. I believe they are a front for something, but what it is, is still uncertain.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    When I became a jw many years ago, I really believed they were not after money. Today I see COs and DOs riding around in new, nice cars. Their health and car insurance is paid by people who can barely afford the necessities of life. It is not a contribution when the congregation is required to pay for expenses.

    Then when they are in town, they are wined and dined. People give them $100 dollar handshakes, which they take without the slightest shame. I have seen people pay for their drycleaning, cut their hair, buy them clothes and of course there is the apartments built for them now. They are given paid vacations by elders and others with money. And then to top it off, they leave a bill with each congregation for expenses each week which is not exactly modest. What else could they need?

    If this is how the DOs and COs are treated, I find it hard to believe that the higher up ones are wanting for anything. They can take a vow of poverty, but they don't know the meaning of the word. They should be ashamed.

  • Kaput

    When you have everything except money, you don't need money.

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    all I wanna' know is where the f is my inheritance? Yup. It's buried somewhere under a pile of Watchtower magazines at Bethel HQ or at the farm or gilead or somewhere in Brooklyn . . . bastards . . .and my parents are retards for doing it. . . sorry, just need to get that out once in a while . . .

  • cultswatter

    Don't worry about your inheritance. When the time is right just go and loot those godam kingdom halls and then burn them down.

  • Kaput

    Don't worry about your inheritance. When the time is right just go and loot those godam kingdom halls and then burn them down.

    There is no ark of the covenant or Shroud of Turin or bejeweled icon in a kingdumb hall. Just a paper trail of BS and lies. Sorry, nuthin' worth looting there.

  • jayhawk1

    Around Wichita the CO has a house to stay in that the Society owns. I'm certain that is true of all large areas. Once upon a time the COs lived in travel trailers, but now they have well furnished large houses. So unless they are going to a remote location, they have their own bed to sleep in. If you want to follow the money, just find out what properties they own. Real estate is expensive in London and New York, is it not?

  • greendawn

    Madame Quixote one of the ways the WTS grew rich over the years is by members donating properties and large lump sums of money. They did ever so well out of the business known as religion. The donors are still waiting for the prize of paradise for supporting so greatly jehovah's organisation on earth.

  • Borgia


    When auditing a chraity: what kind of documentation are you reviewing in order to establish compliance with charity rules?

    Say for instance, that the charities books would show a contribution made to another charity within the boudaries of it's charter, is your review on the money spent rather....limited?

    Investing in housing, new equipment, layers, paper, trucs & lorries, the lot of them will certainly have a drain on rescources. Here´s were money is legally dripping out of the system into someone else´s pocket...Travels to all kinds of nice places do not have to be extravagant....just fitting for the rank.......



  • Stealth453

    Real estate and power. As for them fronting "someone", and knowing how much we all hate conspiracy theories, I say this with extreme caution, but I have received information from a very reliable source, that they have ties to the Skull and Bones Society.

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