WTBTS money making for who?

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  • needproof

    Why would he need to do any of the driving, and his mansion is the WT apartment complex in the heart of one of the wealthiest regions in the world.

  • metatron

    Blondie hit the nail on the head - simony!

    The organization runs on discreet simony - in which C.O.'s and D.O's get taken to the best restaurants, golf games,

    and special $50/100 "handshakes". The GB get the best hotel rooms free cars, you name it.


  • greendawn

    We do not know how much money they make and how they use it though being a multibillion dollar operation with numerous daughter corporations and rather low overheads they must be making massive profits each year. Obviously the WTS does not publish the details of its accounts at least for reasons of successful tax evasion. They make money from their publications, donations by members large and small, other investments they have. The GB obviously don't get it all only a tiny amount (half of them are half dead anyway) and they are only a moral authority at present. Some unknown people or organisations hidden behind the WTS must be getting the profits. My suspicion is that what we have here is a judeo masonic enterprise serving judeo masonic interests. Perhaps they are the ones that milk the WTS cow.

  • betterdaze

    greendawn, I agree. The REAL Society is not the GB. It's a shadow group operating on an international scale, using all the WT corporations to launder tax-free income.

    What do you identify as Judeo-Masonic interests today?


  • mia_b

    ive given my previous reply a bit of thought :in the UK theyre a registered charity and most congs are a charity in their own right.

    there are strict rules about what can be done with funds that are clearly labelled for a purpose - eg World Wide Work or Congregation Builds etc. I'm an accountant and I audit charities and i have to check to make sure that the funds are being spent as expected. I have no idea why money in AWOLS cong would go missing unless it was way before the days that funds were always announced.

    in our cong when the accounts were read out the money being saved for a new hall was always set out seperately. we also had elders who disagreed with quickbuilds because they said they were more expensive in the long run than a trad build due to less shoddy work and shortcuts.

    i'd say that lots of the money is in real estate. i dont think that loads of people are creaming off are they?

    i disagree with LOADS of stuff the borg does and doesn't do - eg child abuse coverups, not supporting the actual victims, maipulating what people say and think, how theyre right and everyone else will die, shunning people who havent really done much wrong, saying an education and saving for future is bad and then kinda changing their minds when its too late for most...

    but since the "free" literature the rich are funding the other countries where they cant afford the literature...aren't they? so isnt that where the money goes?

    or am i being REALLY dumb? how much does a member of the GB or a CO or a DO actually get per annum in money equivalent - does anyone here know?

  • Honesty

    Does the WTBTS have shareholders?

  • greendawn

    Betterdaze I don't specifically know what the judeo masons are up to but they certainly have their own interests and agendas and perhaps helping Israel is one of them. Some people say the universal masonic brotherhood are after world domination. They are certainly steeped in the occult as an organisation and Pike a mason himself, wrote that their ultimate aim is to worship satan. Fritz Springmeier considers them to be a zionist/masonic front with hidden sinister motives. Mia, the WTS is a multibillion multinational organisation and the humble KH is one of its least levels. Even so all KHs belong to it regardless of who pays for land and building, they get the deeds. There is an army of accountants and lawyers to run the WTS financial empire. Honesty there certainly are shareholders but we don't really know who they are.

  • Gerard


  • greendawn

    We can't follow it because the WTS accounts are so secretive, but they surely don't spend everything on furthering the so called preaching work (what kind of gospel do they preach anyway?) and unless some insider talks we will never know until the second coming of the Christ.

  • restrangled

    A Gilead couple visited my mom's KH from South America. She sent back with them very nice clothes for any one there and 10.....100 dollar bills.

    They promptly used the money to fly first class back to South America....nary a "thank you"

    She said never again and then just recently sent the society 100 times that amount.

    Go figure.


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