Elder quits meetings

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  • needproof


    I'm not going to chuck rocks at anybody! You have a belief, fair enough. I can understand it, and I am VERY happy not to be knocking on doors! But just as you hope that these people find God, Jesus etc, I hope they are happy whatever they do, just so long as people don't push their opinion of something which can or cannot be true onto other people.

  • needproof

    ... I agree with Isaac. If nobody really knows for sure, lets just agree to disagree. The good news is that these people are FREE NOW!!!! Party time!!! Another one bites the dust!!

  • IsaacJS2

    Thanks everybody. I was really starting to worry there.

    I had a little breakthrough last night while I was trying to wrap up my essay. Many of my best ideas come from the sudden convergence of several other good ones, and that's what happened late last night. I think my understanding was increased by working on the essay. Maybe I knew I was on to something when I began and that's partly why I had to write it.

    Then I hit the board and saw signs of the same issues I had just assigned to the WT and some of the more extreme intolerant stuff I've been seeing elsewhere against unbelievers, like me. (Anyone ever read the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant? No? Oh well...)

    "Oh nuts..." I thought. Not again!

    Anyway, no worries now. Thanks a lot everybody.


  • mouthy

    just so long as people don't push their opinion of something which can or cannot be true onto other people

    I have heard the saying "Convince a man against his will he's of the same opinion still" I believe this
    So glad you didnt stone me

  • Mystla
    such a sinner ( aint gonna tell you it all you -aint got time

    Aww.. come on Grace.. inquiring minds want to know!!

    Confession described how I felt exactly:

    upon awakening, we found no baby in the basin. Just bathwater.

    Maybe it has to do with being raised a JW? When I left I found my beliefs were like a balloon, once I let all the WT bs out, there was nothing left. I didn't have any prior belief system to go back to, I started over from scratch.

    Anyone ever read the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant?

    Yes, Isaac.. I've read the entire series. You may be an unbeliever.. but you are not a Leper!!! Christians and Atheists will butt heads from time to time, but we are all friends here, reguardless of our beliefs. Try not to take it so hard.


  • Mystla

    Now... what was this thread about before it got hijacked?

    Oh yes... Elder quits meetings...

    We had had conversations about various aspects of the supposed truth and he always tried to counsel me about the troooth as spouted by the pharasies then

    Do you have any way to contact this man? Maybe now you can share real truths with him!! Oh the irony!!

    My mom tries to keep it from me when someone "falls away" but occasionaly when I ask how so and so is doing I hear the awful news that they "went off the deep end" and I try really hard to keep the gleam of joy in my eye from showing to much

    I recently found out that two more of my cousins are out and free.. way to go boys!!! woohoo! er.. I mean.. oh, that's so sad....


  • fullofdoubtnow


    That's great news about the elder and his wife. Let us hope they remain inactive.

  • HappyDad

    Seems to me........after reading this post........that the believers were making their comments to their fellow believers.

    Then the pot got stirred by the unbelievers who always seem to try to get the edge on a great upbuilding post.

    Does sticking your nose into something good.......trying to make it look bad make you feel good?

    I agree with the person who said that if you put God down in your post JW days........then you most likely put him down when you were a JW.

    Do your own thing guys, but don't put us believers down when all we are doing is trying to upbuild one another.

    Find a thread with other unbelievers to espouse your non-beliefs.


  • mouthy

    Aww.. come on Grace.. inquiring minds want to know!!
    Well it would take a book!!!!! & instead of calling it "PAYTON PLACE" It would be called

    "Disgusting GRACE"LOL

  • Honesty
    Lets hope they find out the lies that was preached & dont just drift off into "no mans land"where they lose the REAL LOVE of GOD!!! Mouthy

    Let's hope and pray that they soon realise that the god of the Watchtower is not the God of the Bible.

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